Ways to Include Tassels to Decorate Your Home

Are you looking for a great Boho style for your space? Tassels are the best option! You can put them around mirrors, tablecloths, curtains, and so much more.
Ways to Include Tassels to Decorate Your Home

Last update: 28 June, 2021

Have you ever heard that fashion always comes back? A perfect example of this is the trend of using tassels to decorate your home. There was a time where tassels were quite popular, but they began to lose popularity and people started to forget about them.

In the 17th and 18th Centuries, people used tassels to decorate palaces. Later, in the 20s, they came back into fashion. And after a few years, in the 70s, they again regained popularity. Today, just as people were starting to forget about tassels, they’re back. And they’re great for decorating our homes!

But where can you put them to give your place some extra style?

If you know how to incorporate them, they’ll help you create a boho atmosphere capable of highlighting any space. Here are some tassel ideas that you can use to decorate your home!

boho style front room with tassels
Bohemian and vintage-style homes can use tassels to create stylish environments.

Extra-large tassels

Extra-large tassels are named this way because of their interesting way of dividing spaces. In your home, you can use this concept to separate rooms to combine spaces. Interior designers often use this option to play with the visual effects that extra-large tassels can give.

By hanging up a large tassel curtain, you can split open spaces as if you used a wall, whilst keeping it open plan at the same time. Of course, this means you’ll be able to see your bedroom from the living room. Although this is somewhat daring, some people love it!

Tablecloths with tassels

For a reunion with old friends or family, a tablecloth with tassels can be perfect for an unforgettable photo and highlight the dining room like never before! Just make sure you choose the correct colors and suitable utensils to decorate the table.

A vase and some flowers that match the tablecloth could be a good option. Do you have an idea in mind for the next time you have a guest over? Just add a touch of style and let the magic happen.

Decorate with tassels on mirrors

If you have a round mirror, you can use it to make a great decoration by adding tassels to the border. You can actually bring out your creative side with this and add the tassels anyway you want to.

Mirrors with tassels are ideal to decorate a wall you think needs an object to add a little pizzazz. Bear in mind that people typically use mirrors with tassels on walls with paler colors, so that they’re not competing for attention.

Macramé mural to decorate your home

A macramé decoration tends to incorporate tassels and could decorate a space in a similar way to a mirror with tassels. It’s great for a wall that just needs something. For this crafty object, you can play with the colors you use for the macramé decoration and the wall.

Many people use Aboriginal handicrafts with macramé to add a unique touch and style to a home.

Decorate with tassels on ottomans

Have you ever thought of this? If you know a bit about interior decorating, you could add a good touch of style to your home. People usually use velvet to create final touches with tassels, although using your imagination can allow you to play with colors, types of fabrics, and suitable spaces!

rug with tassels
A classic way to use tassels in your home is with rugs, although it’s a good idea to figure out which size would look best first.

Achieve a unique style when you decorate with tassels

Even though tassels tend to go out of fashion, they’ll be back soon enough and they’ll help you decorate your home with a boho style. Also, if you’re looking to add something vintage to your home, tassels could be your best friend!

Add them to the end of a tablecloth, to a mirror or an ottoman, or the final touches of a macrame craft. Let your imagination and creativity run wild; it’s time to decorate your home in the best bohemian way.


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