Do Waist Trimmers and Body Belts Work?

Waist trimmers are a product that many people have used with the aim of showing off the body they want so much. So, do they work?
Do Waist Trimmers and Body Belts Work?

Last update: 27 December, 2020

Waist trimmers are a product many people have considered using to attain a more slender figure as soon as possible. They were very popular during the 90s and available in a wide variety of shapes and materials.
Some people would wear them for a few hours a day while others wore them all day, even to work. So, which one was the most suitable? Were they all the same?
Now, it’s worth asking: do these garments work?

Do waist trimmers work?

A woman with one of many types of waist trimmers.

Although some people claim that their use increases sweating in the area and supports weight loss, waist trimmers don’t do this.

In fact, the skin in the area where you place the waist trimmer tries to compensate for the temperature of the area by losing liquid. However, that liquid comes from the circulatory system. Therefore, you’re not actually losing weight.

  • The increase in temperature of the area doesn’t stimulate the “destruction” of the fats either.
  • The accumulated fat doesn’t melt from the heat, like a piece of butter in a hot pan.
  • “If it’s tight, it’s because it’s “shaping.” False, the adipocytes are located in certain areas and can’t be displaced by moderate compression. If strong compression is applied, you can interfere with lymphatic circulation or predispose the skin to disorders, such as dermatitis for example. So it’s a lie that “the tighter they are, the better they work.”
  • Many waist trimmers were promoted as products capable of combating liquid retention, “shaping fat,” and supporting physical activity performed on a daily basis, however, all this is a myth

In addition to these, there are many other myths about the usefulness of waist trimmers. In addition, how they work confuses people and leads to expectations that aren’t real.

Let’s be clear in that some patients do experience a certain improvement in posture when using waist trimmers, under certain circumstances. However, this doesn’t mean they’re neither ideal for losing weight in a short time nor for body reshaping.

What about what they advertise?

In addition to what we’ve seen above, in order to achieve sales, they even stated that not all waist trimmers were designed to trim the waist. In fact, most were marketed with the sole purpose of “shaping” the figure while you were wearing it.

Supposedly, there were shaping waist trimmers (of different sizes and adapted to different parts of the body, such as thighs, buttocks, belly, and chest). However, the truth is that, no matter how much advertising said they were suitable for this and that, in the end, they all came to be the same, with different names.

A woman doing exercise.
Some people decided to wear waist trimmers at the gym to further promote weight loss.

There were those who wore waist trimmers to look slimmer. Meanwhile, others took them to the gym to “sweat” more in certain areas and believe they were “working out” more.

It’s not proven that waist trimmers work. The only thing that has been proven is that the combination of a balanced diet, according to the needs of the body, together with the practice of daily exercise can help you lose weight and look much healthier, progressively.

Do they help improve body posture?

Many women say that they feel an improvement in their posture while wearing a waist-slimmer. This is because it helps them stand or sit straighter and, therefore, avoid slouching. Especially when doing office work

A woman with good posture because she used waist trimmers.
It’s true that waist-slimmers can help. However, you shouldn’t forget that it’s fundamental to rely on a whole set of good habits. Not just the placement of a waist trimmer.

To improve posture, it’s advisable to perform abdominal exercises on a regular basis.

In conclusion, any method of slimming your waist must be accompanied by a balanced diet. In addition, physical exercise at least 3-4 times a week. Consult with your nutritionist about the most appropriate diet for you. In addition, start practicing the activities you like. Simply go for a walk every day even if it’s only for half an hour.

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