Vegetable Juices To Help You Recover After Overeating

Despite including some uncommon combinations, these vegetable juices are very purifying, they fight against bloating and provide a lot of vitamins and minerals
Vegetable Juices To Help You Recover After Overeating

Last update: 18 January, 2019

Vegetable juices are a very healthy to include in your diet in order to eliminate toxins and get extra doses of vitamins and minerals.

Also, it is an excellent way to recover after overeating during the holidays, since they help us lose weight and balance the organism. Take a look at these 4 delicious, healthy and purifying vegetable juices.

Vegetable juices at any time of day

Vegetable juices are an excellent to drink at any time due to their numerous health benefits. Fruit juices are best in the morning, since they are rich in sugar and give us a lot of energy.

However, if you change them for vegetables and spices, you will have a more balanced effect on the nervous system enabling you to drink them at night. These vegetable juices have the following benefits:

  • Their purifying powers help eliminate toxins from your body.
  • Regulate the functions of the liver, kidneys and intestine.
  • Improve the appearance of your skin, hair and nails
  • Have a lot of antioxidants
  • Help you lose weight healthy by eliminating fat and helping with diuresis
  • Increase energy levels
  • Fight nervous disorders like stress and anxiety
  • Improve nutritional deficiencies such as anemia
  • Strengthen your defenses

4 healthy and lite juices

Try these delicious combinations of vegetables, fruits, aromatic plants, seeds and species.  Get even healthier by their medicinal properties.

1. Cucumber, watercress and ginger

healthy and lite juices

This vegetable juice is refreshing and it has a kick due to having a slight spicy taste. Its main feature is its purifying power which fights bloating and liquid retention.

  • The cucumber is an antioxidant and alkanizer, two properties that are fundamental for long term health. Also, it is a great remedy for liquid retention.
  • The watercress are small, green leaves that are in the same family as broccoli and arugula. They have purifying and diuretic values which fight anemia and reduce blood sugar levels. It is a very healthy food to consume on the regular
  • Ginger is a very beneficial medicinal spice, especially for women, as well as a natural accelerator for the body. Therefore, it helps you lose weight. 

2. Tomato, garlic and basil

This tasty vegetable juice reminds us of gazpacho due to its tomato content. However, it is much liter and aromatic, and it is surprisingly nutritious.

  • The lycopene found in tomatoes have anti-carcinogenic properties for certain types of cancer, such as prostate, lung and stomach cancer. Its nutritional values multiply by adding some olive oil and black pepper to your juice.
  • Garlic is a natural antibiotic that helps improve blood flow and prevents cardiovascular diseases. 
  • Basil has the ability to stimulate the body and relax the nervous system.

3. Beets, chia seeds and apple

Beet juice

The intestine – – along with the liver and kidneys – – is one of the most affected organs when it comes to food.

Nevertheless, this attractive purple juice has the power to regulate intestinal functions no matter what health condition it is.

  • Beets are rich in iron. Therefore, it is a food that helps fight anemia and provides energy.
  • Chia seeds thoroughly clean the intestine and regulate your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Apples are a very purifying fruit that prevent cardiovascular diseases.

4. Celery, carrot and pear

Fresh Juice

A sweet and light juice that helps eliminate a lot of toxins while clearing your skin from impurities. This drink is ideal for those who are dealing with pimples and black heads, especially after eating junk foods.

  • Celery is ideal for improving the purifying function of the liver and kidneys, also for keeping your skin free of impurities.
  • Raw carrots are a great antioxidant that prevent ocular diseases and kidney stones.
  • Pears provide a natural sweetness to the juice and helps us eliminate liquids. It is a silicon rich food, a mineral the helps prevent wrinkles.
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