Use these 6 Herbs and Spices to Promote Hair Growth

· October 25, 2017
The herb called horsetail is rich in silicon, which gives the hair greater strength and resistance.  In addition, it contributes flexibility, helps to avoid breakage, and promotes hair growth.

Long hair never goes out of style.  After all, many people consider it a symbol of beauty and elegance. That’s why the idea of losing our hair is worrisome and has a major impact on us.

  • Using hair dyes, hairdryers, and products to straighten hair tends to deteriorate the hair follicle, causing hair to fall out.
  • At the same time, thyroid problems, anemia, poor nutrition or menopause can worsen the situation.

Massaging the scalp to stimulate circulation helps to absorb nutrients and prevent weak hair. Also, there are natural remedies that provide nutrients to the roots of the hair that optimize its growth.

Herbs and spices that promote hair growth

Remedies based on herbs and spices are becoming more popular for their effectiveness and low price.

In this article, we’llgive you some recommendations for strong and healthy hair growth.


Rosemary sprig

Without a doubt, rosemary is one of the most recommended plants for hair growth.

  • For decades, it has been used effectively in the prevention of hair loss, providing nutrients and strength to the scalp.
  • It also prevents the appearance of gray hair.
  • Rinsing the hair daily with rosemary water revives the color of dark hair and adds volume at the same time.

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2. Horsetail

Horsetail herb in basket

Horsetail is a great herb that promotes hair growth. It not only prevents hair loss, but also helps cure seborrhea and some types of dandruff.

  • Its high content of vitamins (B, C and E) reduces the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • It also inhibits the excessive production of grease and stimulates the blood circulation of hair tissues providing brilliance and strength.
  • Thanks to the fact that it cleans the capillaries, it helps to oxygenate the scalp.

4. Henna

  • Drying and grinding the leaves of this plant will obtain a vegetable dye. This can be used to revitalize the reddish color of hair in a less aggressive way than commercial dyes.
  • It also offers anti-fungal benefits, which is ideal for persistent dandruff and seborrhea.
  • Henna adheres to the hair and promotes thicker hair.
  • It also functions effectively to straighten hair in a natural way.

5. Curry

Curry powder

Curry is a very popular spice in today’s recipes.

  • Its green leaves are used to repair damage done by the indiscriminate use of commercial products, the over exposure to the sun, and contamination.
  • Its essential and protein rich oils provide nutrients and life to hair tissue.
  • Curry has a high content of beta-carotene, a nutrient that reduces hair loss and stimulates growth.
  • In addition, it’s also ideal to counteract premature graying of the hair.

It promotes the production of melanin by coating each fiber with natural pigments, vitamins,  and minerals such as copper, iron, and zinc.

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6. Cinnamon

This flavorful and aromatic spice not only serves to enhance your food.  In addition, it strengthens the hair.

  • The antiseptic properties of cinnamon prevent diseases of the scalp.
  • At the same time, they eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms that cause hair loss.
  • It’s beneficial in clarifying hair with brown tones.
  • It stimulates blood circulation in the hair follicles which produces thick hair that is hydrated and shiny.

Nature gives us an infinite amount of remedies that encourage hair growth. The most popular ones are for topical use, but equally important are the ones taken internally.

Foods such as fish, yogurt and oatmeal, when eaten regularly, provide the protein balance necessary to assure that we have healthy hair.

Avoid the excessive use of chemical products that weaken the hair roots. Give your hair the love and care that it deserves!