The Extraordinary Benefits of Beer

· June 30, 2015

Moderate consumption of beer helps fight cardiovascular diseases, prevent osteoporosis, and reduce cataracts, among other many health benefits. It also has some aesthetic uses.

Beer is one of the most consumed beverages around the world, meant to be shared with friends after a hard day at the office, or enjoyed while looking out over the ocean. What’s more, did you know there are many health benefits of beer if you drink it in moderation? In the following article, we will share a few of these advantages with you, which you might not have known. Plus, these benefits can not only help health, but also beauty.

Health and beauty benefits of beer

Protects cardiovascular health

Moderate consumption of beer can have anti-inflammatory effects, significantly increasing “good” cholesterol and helping combat certain cardiac diseases. So, a nice glass of beer every day can help the heart.

Strengthen bones

Many studies have shown that beer (and other drinks with a low alcohol content) can have positive effects on bone health. This is due to the fact that it contains silicon, a mineral that helps improve bone density and avoids a loss in bone mass. In addition, it offers natural phytoestrogens which have been associated with preventing osteoporosis and easing menopausal symptoms.


Protects against neurodegenerative diseases

Scientific studies have revealed that those who drink beer in moderation have a lesser chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s. Once again, this is due to the silicon, which is able to reduce toxic metals that build up in the body and cause degenerative pathologies. At the same time, it improves memory and concentration.

Inhibits cancer

Among the main components of beer is xanthohumol, a polyphenol found in hops. It is an antioxidant that inhibits and prevents cancerous cells from forming, as if it were a chemopreventive of sorts for certain kinds of cancer.

Beer Shampoo

Reinforces the immune system

Beer has the capacity to improve the immune system, preventing you from catching infectious diseases such as the common cold or herpes. At least, in some cases, it prevents the symptoms from being very serious or long-lasting. An old home remedy from a part of Germany is to drink warm beer when you have a cold, because it unplugs the nose and improves blood flow.

It has anti-inflammatory properties

The difference between beer and other alcoholic beverages is that the main ingredient is hops. This compound has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which help prevent illnesses related with aging.


Improves stomach help

If you suffer from gastric problems, beer can serve as a natural remedy. Drinking beer (or cider or wine) in moderation increases gastric acids which can speed up the emptying of the stomach, reducing the risk of infection from Helicobacter Pylori bacteria, which could cause a gastroduodenal ulcer.

Avoids constipation

The intake of fiber has been proven to eliminate constipation and also diminish bad cholesterol. With barley beer, you can get your daily suggested amount of soluble fiber, which makes it the best drink (after water) for nourishment.

Beer 1

It is a potent diuretic

When you start to drink beer, you almost immediately have to go the bathroom. This is because it is 90% water, low in sodium (which eliminates the retention of liquids and prevents renal problems) and has a high level of potassium.

Reduces your risk for cataracts

Beer is good for your vision in every sense, but more than anything, for those who have a history of cataracts in the family. Drinking one glass a day is good for diabetics, for example, because it helps keep your vision strong and prevent glaucoma (ocular pressure). Dark beer is better than light beer for this.

Homemade beer

Prevents anemia

This is good especially for women during menopause, when women are nutrient deficient. The flavonoids in beer are powerful antioxidants that increase cellular activity and improve iron levels.

Provides a lot of energy

With a large amount of Vitamin B, drinking beer can make you feel as though you have a more energy to carry out more activities, such as working or studying. Whenever you drink a glass it becomes very clear. This nutrient strengthens the nervous system and regenerates cells.

Beer 2

Improves skin

There has been the strange development of a “Beer Spa” in New York City where you can take advantage of all of these benefits, for example, clients are submerged in a tub of dark beer. Other places such as Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic have adopted similar trends with facial masks. This technique is successful because of the vitamins found in beer, which improve health and pigments of the dermis, to get younger, smoother, and more flexible skin.

Leaves hair perfect

Catherine Zeta Jones, a well-known movie star, speaks wonders of the hair uses of beer.  She claimed in an interview that this natural treatment makes for bright and soft hair, although the downside is the smell lingers (but it can be covered with perfume).  This is thanks to beer’s Vitamin B and proteins.

Relaxes feet

When you get home feeling exhausted after a long day of work, there is nothing better than getting home and putting your feet in a container of water and mineral salt. If you use cold beer instead of water, the bubbles will create a very relaxing effect. However, there are two problems with this: first your feet will be sticky afterwards, and second is you can’t drink the beer.

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