Unhealthy Habits That May Seem Healthy

Microwaved foods can lead to an unbalanced endocrine system and also different types of cancer due to an accumulation of waves. It's better to stick with the traditional oven.
Unhealthy Habits That May Seem Healthy

Last update: 18 January, 2019

Some popular beliefs have led our society for years to maintain that certain habits may be all right for our health when it is really just a result of successful publicity and marketing. This article will tell you all about some unhealthy habits that may need to be changed or eliminated from your life.

Unhealthy habits

The first of unhealthy habits has to do with flavored waters. When you go to a restaurant, it’s quite normal to think that ordering flavored water instead of soft drinks is a healthy option. This is partly true, but also partly false. These drinks have sugar, additives, and other ingredients that are not too good for your health. The truth is that there is nothing better that natural water or freshly-squeezed juices.

3 glasses of purple coloured fruit juice.

Fattening granola

You have surely had a granola bar or two in your life thinking that the grains are healthy. However, they also have a large amount of sugar and even chocolate.  They are made specifically to give the body a boost of calories, which is why athletes tend to eat them. The same thing happens with protein bars sold at the gym. It’s better to choose a healthy and homemade snack, which offers proteins, minerals, and fiber.

Vitamin supplements don’t have a positive effect

Another of our unhealthy habits has to do with vitamin supplements. It has been proven that vitamins taken in the form of medicine don’t necessarily benefit your body, especially when taken frequently. When you take them a lot, then your metabolism doesn’t get all the vitamins that come from your proper food (where you should really get them from), or in other words, from natural sources.

A collection of pills.

Beer has a lot of calories

Many people have begun to drink beer in place of other “stronger” drinks with more calories. However, because of the barley and alcohol content, it is not a good alternative if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. If a drink has a lower alcoholic content than clear alcoholic drinks then they have the tendency to leave you less satisfied, and you drink more as a result.

Fish fat isn’t bad

Unlike what happens with meat from cows, pigs, or chickens, fish offers us a healthy kind of fat. You have surely heard of Omega 3 fatty acids. For example, you shouldn’t remove the fat from the salmon because you’ll lose a large amount of nutrients that improve your mental capacity and reduce the risk of acquiring chronic diseases.

A plate of salmon with vegetables.

Don’t skip meals

Many believe that skipping breakfast or lunch is good for losing weight. However, this is counterproductive for many reasons. First of all, when it is finally “time” to eat, you will be hungrier and you will eat out of anxiety and desperation which means you will care less about what you eat.

Second of all, the body will use stored fats to accomplish daily tasks. You would think this is good but it isn’t, since it is basically like trying to operate a car with a spoonful of butter.

Don’t drink water from (plastic) bottles

You’ll have read hundreds of times the importance of drinking 4 pints of water a day. After much resistance, you finally decide to buy a bottle of water to take to work. However, this water may have come into contact with the bacteria and virus found in the bottle, and plastic has certain toxins that can then be found in water.

As if this were not enough, fungus and mold can form on the bottle walls. It is better to drink a glass of water from a purifier or buy a glass water bottle.

A woman drinking water.

Don’t hold back on dessert

If you really want a piece of fruity cake with whipped cream, don’t resist. Do you know why? If you let those cravings build up you won’t just eat one or two pieces… but the whole cake! It’s better to get rid of your anxiety by eating a little bit of that particular food, just to kill the craving. This also applies to salty foods.

Don’t drink light soft drinks

Just like flavored waters or juices at the store, diet drinks are full of harmful ingredients and sweeteners. Studies have shown that these products can cause the same or potentially worse health conditions than “regular” drinks. Always choose a healthier solution, such as the ones that were mentioned before.

A glass of coca cola.

Don’t heat food up in the microwave

Another one of our unhealthy habits could be our microwave. Nobody can deny that this invention has simplified the lives of housewives and single men who can’t cook. But at what cost? The waves emitted from this household appliance are really damaging to your health, and can even cause cancer or an unbalanced endocrine system.

Needless to mention when you use it to reheat precooked and frozen foods bought at the store. You also shouldn’t heat things in their original plastic containers. The best option is to avoid this and use the traditional oven. It’ll take a little longer, but you’ll benefit from the better non-toxic taste.

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