Types of Pain that You Should Never Ignore

· January 31, 2015

When you feel pain in your head, stomach, or leg, it is normal to want to take a painkiller so you can return to your routine and not pay too much attention to. It is also true that you don’t have to obsess over these small pains, especially if they don’t occur often. You should just know what types of pain are truly important, which we’ll explain below.

Pain is always a symptom of something, such as tiredness, stress, bad diet or some kind of inflammation. Not all types of pain are serious, but there are certain signs that you should keep in mind to know the difference. Resorting to painkillers is not always a good idea, which is why we want to explain what types of pain you should pay more more attention to.

What Kind of Pain Should You Pay More Attention to?

Penetrating Back Pain


  • This is not overworked muscles or the typical back pain that you can suffer from poor posture or fatigue. It is an increased pressure on your back accompanied with a penetrating pain with a burning sensation. What causes this? Doctors say that this kind of problem is caused by thoracic aortic aneurysm, which is caused by atherosclerosis. Your arteries harden little by little and you can feel pain in your chest as well as your back.
  • Back pain can also be caused by a kidney stone but in this case, the problem is worse and is on one side of your back.

Stabbing Pain in Your Abdomen


  • Stomach pain is very common, but you should know how to differentiate the serious kind. First, take your temperature. If you have a fever, you may have an infection. If the pain is very stabbing and on the right side of your stomach, it could be appendicitis. You could also be suffering from pancreatitis or an inflammation of the gallbladder.
  • If you have pain below your sternum, you probably have pancreatitis. But your doctor should always be the one who diagnoses you. We can only tell you that stomach pain must always be kept in mind.

Temporary Chest Pain


  • Strong pain that occur in your chest all of a sudden that go to your neck and even to your arms… All of that are symptoms of cardiac problems that you should keep in mind. If you feel tired when doing minimal exercise, or nausea when you are going upstairs for example, are signs that you should keep in mind.

Pain When Urinating


  • If you feel burning pain every time you go to the bathroom, it is a symptom of an infection. Urinary tract infections cause this type of discomfort as well as a little bit of fatigue, fever, and stomach bloating. It is very common to have cystitis, a kidney problem, slight irritation, or a bladder problem. Your doctor should always be the one who diagnoses you.

You should know that you should not feel alarmed when you feel any pain. As we have noted in the beginning, the most common types are not important: a headache because you didn’t eat well that day, back pain because of poor posture, leg pain because of poor circulation are normal problems. However, sometimes pain is a sign of a disease that you must keep in mind. Never ignore abdomen or chest pain for example. Whenever you have a problem, see your doctor so that they can examine you. Your health should always come first.