Types of Breakups That Shatter our Hearts

There are several types of breakups that can destroy us, but we should always hold our heads high and move on, since we only need ourselves to be happy
Types of Breakups That Shatter our Hearts

Last update: 21 December, 2018

All breakups pose pain that every person has to learn to overcome in order to move forward. However, there are some types of breakups that are more painful than others.

Today, we’ll discover the types of breakups that shatter our hearts.

A relationship that deteriorates over time and eventually causes a couple to decide to split up because there’s no more love or passion (just a friendship) isn’t the same as one partner cheating on the other.

In the first case, the breakup occurs almost naturally, in a consensual manner. They are ties that have been becoming more fragile, until they finally break entirely.

However, in the second case, there is terrible pain and suffering due to the loss of trust that there used to exist in the couple.

What types of breakups make us suffer this way?

One partner leaves the other

types of breakups

This type of breakup is very common. One day, your partner tells you that they want to break up and the world crashes down. You weren’t expecting it!

Clearly, this decision wasn’t made out of the blue, even though that’s the way we often see it. There’ve been things we haven’t wanted to see and things that we’ve ignored, but the result is evident.

Some of the reasons why one partner decides to leave the other might include:

  • There may be a lack of passion. Now, you’re only friends.
  • One partner doesn’t meet your expectations. For example, one may want kids and the other partner doesn’t.
  • The other partner was unfaithful or disrespected the other person in a certain way.

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As you can see, there are various reasons why a person may wish to end a relationship.

However, we must point out that the kind of breakup that can shatter our hearts due to lack of passion in some cases is due to the fact this happens to only one of the partners.

Although one person is still in love and pulls their weight, their partner has lost their will to fight for whatever reason.

It may also be that the person has never been really in love with the other person and, over time, the relationship just has to end.

End of a relationship

All these circumstances result in heartbreak for the person getting dumped. However, no matter how painful it is, the relationship ending is the best thing that could have happened because it’s an excuse to learn and move on.

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When there is emotional dependence

Although all the types of breakups we mentioned fall into “one person dumping the other”, there is another group that all people who suffer from emotional dependence fall into.

Emotional dependence makes a person have the wrong idea about what love is. The person depends on their partner due to their low self-esteem. Their partner is the reason for their happiness and they’d be nothing without them.

When you suffer from emotional dependence, there is no true love, but a need to belong to someone that makes life have meaning.

So, when the relationship ends, the dependent person is left feeling empty. Their life has no meaning and they need to be tied down to a new relationship without even having gotten over the previous one.

This doesn’t mean that the separation wasn’t traumatic. They just avoid their pain by jumping into a new relationship. However, the wound is still there because their heart is broken.

emotional dependence

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Whether our partner dumps us or if we suffer from a terrible dependence towards them and the relationship ends, our heart will seem to shatter into a million pieces.

However, although  a breakup sometimes makes us feel that our life is over, sooner or later we’ll realize that we can move on.

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