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Two Fantastic Ideas to Make Your Own Pouffe

Learn to make your own pouffe. We've got a couple of different but simple ideas to try out to furnish your home with something different.
Two Fantastic Ideas to Make Your Own Pouffe

Last update: 16 September, 2018

Pouffes are here to stay.After all, one of the things that are so great about them is that they’re so comfortable. They can also be adapted to suit any space and add a light-hearted original touch to your furnishings. You can even make your own pouffe with quite a small budget. 

You just need to look for a few materials and use them in the right way.

Pouffes are comfortable, dynamic, and fun. They can complement a range of spaces: bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, etc.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your own.

Two Ideas to Make Your Own Pouffe

1. Car Tyres

Make your own pouffe

A lot of people tend to have things at home that they don’t use but aren’t ready to throw away just yet. These are often things that you can make use of when trying something new at home which doesn’t also hit your wallet.

If you’ve got a car, then maybe you’ve also got an old tire lying around. Give it a new use by making it into a pouffe. You only need a few other materials that you can easily get at a DIY store.

Ready to make your own pouffe?


  • 2 circular sheets of MDF 60 cm in diameter (these are for the top and bottom the pouffe)
  • 1/4 inch screws
  • Assembly glue
  • 1 unused tire
  • Sealant gun
  • Rubber caps
  • Jute twine
  • Water-based lacquer
  • Silicone
  • Drill
  • Latex


  1. Using the sealant gun, run a line of silicone around the edge of the tire.
  2. Take one of the sheets of MDF and stick it to the tyre.
  3. Fix it with four screws. Use the drill and repeat these steps on the other side to get two ready surfaces.
  4. Take the jute twine and begin to cover the seat.
  5. To do this, roll the twine around the tire in a spiral motion from the top. After each turn that you do, stick down with the adhesive.
  6. Be careful when doing this to get a good finish.There should be no gaps between the twine. If you run out, grab another and pick up in the exact spot where the other finished.
  7. The whole tyre should be covered in the jute thread.
  8. Once the tyre is completely covered, both top and the bottom, grab the rubber caps.
  9. These pieces act as mini feet and keep the tyre off the ground. Attach them with a drill and some screws, or stick them to the wood with the silicone.
  10. Decorate your pouffe. You can paint from the middle downwards in your preferred colour of latex. You’ll need to apply a number of layers so that the paint sticks to the surface properly.
  11. Spread a water-based protective lacquer over the pouffe.
  12. Leave it for a couple of hours to allow the materials to stick properly.

2. Plastic Bottles

A pile of plastic bottles

You could also make your own pouffe out of plastic bottles. For this, you can use various objects such as scrap fabric and foam rubber from cushions or pillows.With this, you’ll have a soft and comfortable pouffe.


  • 16 bottles of the same size
  • 1 roll of sticky tape
  • Scrap fabric
  • Foam rubber
  • 1 sponge
  • 1 needle
  • Thread


  1. Take 16 bottles and cut them in half to remove the top.
  2. Put each top half inside the bottom half with the lid end on the inside.
  3. Stick them together with sticky tape.
  4. Arrange the 16 parts into a 4 x 4 square.
  5. Stick them all together with sticky tape. Be sure to do this to both the top and the bottom.
  6. Then, take this square and place a cushion on top
  7. Use some fabric that you like and line the pouffe so that it looks nice. You can use thread or a sewing machine.

Most pouffes are made out of soft and flexible material,but here we’ve shown you some options out of recyclable objects for a bit more variety.

The point of a pouffe is to be innovative, comfortable, and work in any space you decide to place it. Have fun with it!

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