Twilight Loves: When Passion Comes Back at the Right Time

When love knocks at the door, it doesn't care about your age. What counts is a passion for life and happiness.
Twilight Loves: When Passion Comes Back at the Right Time

Last update: 11 March, 2019

Twilight loves show up unexpectedly when you’re past the age of 50 or 60. Your heart beats like a teenager’s, and you’re back to feeling butterflies.

Something everyone knows is that age doesn’t necessarily correspond perfectly with psychological and emotional maturity.

But when the two dimensions are in sync, you enter into the golden age, a time where passion comes back with intensity, different and rewarding.

We invite you to reflect on this love that should never be shut out, this ability to start over again and be really fulfilled.

When you close your heart off to love

A man sitting on a bench looking at the outline of a woman

Sometimes you close up your heart, telling yourself that it’s better to not fall again, not start a new relationship. You tell yourself you’ve ended up too hurt and disappointed in the past to do that again.

  • You could say that everything that happened was a life lesson. But there are times where you just get tired and would rather just not think about falling in love again.
  • Except destiny sometimes plays with you and enjoys putting you to the test in order to give you another chance. It invites you to love again.
  • Whether you take the leap or not depends on how prepared you feel. It’s a personal choice, no doubt about it, but first, you should think about one essential point.

Sometimes what you regret the most aren’t your mistakes but rather the chances you didn’t take.

A new love, maybe the best love

Some people like to compare one love with another. That’s what we tend to do; we like to decide which was the best, which was the worse. We decide which did the most for us, and which was a waste of time, effort and energy.

  • Instead of obsessively comparing one love with another, it’s actually a good idea to understand that each love had its time and opportunity. When it’s all said and done, you took what life handed you.
  • Don’t regret things; ideally, you would accept them and understand that the best things happen in the present. It’s in the here and now that your mind gets opened and you get the opportunity to be happy.

Ok then…  why not give yourself another chance? Twilight loves may create a wonderful present and even become a part of your future.

Twilight loves edify you as a person

A couple holding hands in a meadow

The best way to build a stable, happy relationship is by, first of all, fostering the personal growth that is necessary for your psychological health.

  • Seeing yourself as strong person, knowing you’re worthy of a good love and perceiving your personality as courageous and secure will help you create a better love.
  • And if you find someone just as psychologically secure, a person able to respect you, and value you, you’ll understand how to grow together as a team on the same path. This is something that’s always worth it.

One thing you can’t forget is that people are constantly growing. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much you’ve left behind, or what experiences have made up your life up to now.

Conscious, mature, courageous, rewarding love can bring new light to your day-to-day and actually turn into a wonderful season of life.

The beauty of twilight loves

A feather covering up the sun

Twilight loves are special, yet underappreciated.

Our culture, movies and even literature emphasize young love, the emotional intensity that apparently is only destined for 20-year-olds.

But great love can also have gray hair. The most intense passions sometimes happen when you’re older. Your smile may just come along with a few wrinkles.

It doesn’t matter because feelings know no age. The most beautiful love may come once in adolescence, again in your twenties and again when you’re older.

Passion may appear multiple times over the course of your life. It will only fill you if you’re ready, and if you decide for yourself that it is indeed worth it.

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