Try This Face Mask for a Natural, Surprising Lifting Effect

Did you know that there are natural ingredients that, thanks to their properties, can help you achieve a natural lifting effect without having to undergo surgery or costly treatments?
Try This Face Mask for a Natural, Surprising Lifting Effect

Last update: 19 May, 2020

If you want to get a natural lifting effect without using costly cosmetics or surgical treatments, you should try this face mask that rejuvenates and firms your skin.

With some ingredients like argon oil, eggs and essential oils, you can help with the regeneration of your skin cells. This will give you firmer skin with fewer wrinkles.

Antioxidant ingredients

As we continue, we will go over the antioxidant ingredients that will help your skin achieve a lifting effect.


Natural lifting effect

Raw egg is an ancient remedy for the skin and hair, thanks to its excellent and complete nutritional value. For our natural lifting, we will need the white and yolk of the egg:

  • White: the egg white is very beneficial for our skin. It is known for its contents of protein and minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium, as well as B vitamins (B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12). The egg white firms the skin.
  • Yolk: the egg yolk also contains proteins, but it is characterized for its high fat content, vitamins A, D and E and minerals like calcium, zinc and magnesium. The egg yolk deeply nourishes the skin and prevents wrinkles. 

Argon oil

Argon oil is an ancient health and beauty remedy with powerful antioxidants that keep the skin from aging as a result of free radicals. 

  • It contains a high percentage of vitamin E and the majority of its composition is oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids

This oil nourishes the skin and leaves it soft and smooth immediately. It also has the great advantage of easy absorption without clogging your pores.

Wheat germ

Wheat germ

Wheat germ is a superfood that’s ideal for the skin, whether you consume it or apply it topically.

  • Thanks to its content of vitamin E, a great antioxidant, wheat germ keeps your skin hydrated, firm and free of wrinkles. 

We recommend that you take advantage of this ingredient’s rejuvenating effects by taking a spoonful of it a day with juice or yogurt.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is vital for good health and helps support the immune system. However, we should also be aware of its surprising properties for our skin, both when used orally and topically:

  • Vitamin C activates collagen synthesis and allows the epidermis to regenerate and keeps your skin firm.
  • It also prevents and eliminates marks, eliminates impurities, calms irritations and improves the absorption of the products that we apply to it.
  • Using it with help us get soft, smooth, clean skin without any wrinkles.

If you do not have a vitamin C supplement, you can use 15 drops of recently squeezed lemon juice instead. 

Essential incense oil

Essential incense oil

Essential incense oils, in addition to being known for their intense aroma, have astringent and antioxidant properties for skin that promote the regeneration of cells.

  • Also, they improve skin tone, eliminate marks and reduce the small wrinkles that appear around the eyes and cheeks.
  • This results in radiant, clear and firm skin. 
  • The relaxing properties in this oil also help improve the appearance of our face.

Natural lifting mask


  • 1 raw egg
  • 1 teaspoon of argon oil (5 g)
  • 5 drops of essential incense oil
  • 1 teaspoon of wheat germ (5 g)
  • 1 vitamin C capsule (500 or 1000 mg) or 15 drops of lemon juice

What should you do?

  • First, beat the raw egg well.
  • Then, add the argon oil and the essential incense oil and beat them all together
  • Incorporate the solid ingredients (wheat germ and vitamin C) and mix them until they are combined well.
  • Keep the mask in the fridge for up to 24 hours.


  • To get the natural lifting effect, apply this mask to your recently cleansed, dry face once a week.
  • Let it sit for half an hour, if possible, while you rest, laying down, with your eyes closed.
  • It is helpful to keep your face relaxed.
  • Then, wash your face to take the mask off and hydrate your skin as you normally would.
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