True Strength Is Measured by Courage

· December 1, 2016
You need to learn to put your effort into the things that are worth it, and lots of times you’ll need to let something go when you want to achieve it. This is where you have to show your real strength

Those who believe strength is measured by all the things you carry around on your back and in your heart are wrong.

True strength doesn’t mean that you stay silent, give up, or endure insult and harm. A strong person confronts things, beats them, and then leaves them behind.

In today’s society, the more education we receive we believe that suffering is equivalent to bravery. We also sometimes believe that saying “no” is a sign of cowardice or weakness.

Ideas like these can cause a lot of personal vulnerability when it comes to personal situations, causing you to turn into a shadow of yourself.

As nice as it is to receive flattery for doing so many things for others, or being so “good,” or hearing how strong you are by “suffering so much for so little,” remember that everything has a price: and this time it’s your health and self-esteem.

Your true strength is your courage

A woman who cares for her children in the hopes that one day they will be able to fend for themselves is truly strong – she will find the happiness she deserves after going through this difficult time.

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A woman who says “enough” to abuse or cruel comments from others is strong; strong, too, is the person who is capable of setting their limits and cutting ties because they realize they deserve better.

Strength lies in understanding your own priorities and recognizing that there are certain efforts and sacrifices that are truly worth it.

You do care about the people around you and you understand that sometimes, you need to forget what you feel to remember what you deserve.

2-girl-reading-a-bookWhen you are taught to be weak

This phrase may have surprised you. Who teaches anyone to be weak? And more than that, why would anyone want you if you were simply obedient and manageable?

  • There are many styles of parenting and upbringing in which the concept of obedience is implicit.
  • You need to make sure you educate your children through respect, not obedience, because this last dimension is achieved through fear – while respect, on the other hand, is achieved through mutual understanding and emotional intelligence.
  • The type of education that teaches you to be obedient and weak is designed, first and foremost, to force you to do the following: be obedient to your family members or figures of authority. This is something that’s very common in patriarchal societies.

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It makes you believe that you’re more worthy of being loved if you are “obedient.” All of these schools of thought cause you to believe that you’re strong by doing what you’re told, obeying every order, being able to say “yes” when your heart is telling you “no.”

In romantic relationships, it’s also common that one person yields to emotional blackmail to the point of being converted into a fragile person, oriented to meet every need of their loved one. This is not “being strong.”

3-woman-dancingStrength implies, first and foremost, learning to give something up

Believe it or not, no one is going to teach you how to apply the fortress mindset.

Our society, your family, and even the world of fashion or marketing prefers you to be caring and weak, impressionable enough to consume their products, to say yes to everything, and in that way reach true happiness.

None of this will give you a real, significant, and lasting wellness. It’s possible that doing a favor for a friend will make you feel full, but if you do it every single day you’ll eventually realize that something isn’t feeling right.

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Set priorities and start investing your time and energies on what’s worth it, because your fortress is courage. Don’t hesitate to put these simple strategies into practice in order to learn how to be stronger.

  • Before taking action, evaluate the consequences they may have.
  • Before saying yes, think about how you’ll feel if your heart wants to say no.
  • People who spend their days in bitterness or crying in secret are not brave. Those who are brave look at life with hope, knowing that in order to be happy, decisions must be made.
  • Invest your time and effort in those who truly deserve them. Only then will you fee happy with yourself and see yourself as a truly strong person, someone who fights every day for themselves, for your roots, for your dignity, and for true love.

No one can tell you how to live your life or how to be happy. The art of personal well-being is that the decision is yours, and this is reflected by your courage.