Tricks for Rejuvenating Your Eyes

· March 26, 2015

Your eyes are a sign of your identity.  Not only do they reflect your soul, but are also a window to your health.  This is generally the area that shows traces of tiredness, a night of insomnia, and also the passage of time.  It’s always good to know a few small tricks to rejuvenating your eyes.

Your eyes are exposed not only to your internal emotions, but they’re also very vulnerable to the environment, which is why you should pay attention, for example, to the amount of hours you spend in front of the computer or with your cell phone; artificial light is very damaging to the eyes. Below, we’ll provide tips for rejuvenating your eyes.

What problems generally occur with the eyes?

dry eyes

  • Droopy or flaccid eyelids.  A lot of things could happen.  Some morning you wake up and your eyelids are slightly swollen and inflamed.  A bad night or incorrect hydration could cause liquids to accumulate in your eyelids.  The passage of time also causes certain days to have more accentuated marks.
  • Crow’s feet.  These are the tiny wrinkles that appear in the contour of the eyes, whenever you smile or make an expression.  They appear once the skin has already lost elasticity.  Although genetics and sun exposure also play a role in it, it fortunately can be treated.
  • Dark circles under your eyes.  Everyone has them.  These bags appear under the eyes in dark or purple tones.  They are the product of fatigue, lack of sleep, disease, or even emotional problems.
  • Bags. Who doesn’t detest those nasty looking bags?  They appear due to hormonal changes or fluid retention.  They give an ugly appearance to the face and a noticeable air of fatigue.
  • Dullness.  Fatigue, a problem with your eyes, the passage of time, not blinking enough…are several of the causes that could cause this.  But it is possible to fight it.

Remedies to fight wrinkles around the eyes

Egg whites

  • Egg white: this might surprise you, but egg whites are recognized for moisturizing while stretching loose skin.  It’s also great for fighting expression lines.  In order to benefit from them, just take one egg white and apply it to the skin around your eyes, gently massaging it in.  Do this every morning to slowly notice your skin growing tighter and wrinkle-free.
  • Avocado: A source of vitamin E and fatty acids, it is excellent for moisturizing, fighting free radicals, and moisturizing the skin.  Just take the pulp from half of one avocado, make a well-blended mixture with a spoon, and apply at night for 15 minutes.  Then rinse with fresh water.
  • Cucumber: This is the most well-known and effective resource.  Cucumber is rich in vitamin C and caffeic acid.  It stimulates healthy skin tissue production and moisturizes skin.  Apply a cucumber slice to each eye, or just blend half of a cucumber and make a small paste to leave on your eyes for 15 minutes.  You’ll notice that your eyes look fresher and healthier.

Remedies for dark circles and bags under your eyes

Rose petals

  • Chamomile: This is a very well-known remedy.  Chamomile is a great anti-inflammatory and relaxant that will aid correct blood circulation to the eyes, preventing fluid retention.  Make an infusion with two bags of chamomile tea.  Once the tea has cooled, dip two cotton balls in it and leave them on your eyes for 15 minutes.  This will provide relief.
  • Cucumber and milk.  This mixture is great for reactivating circulation and detoxifying bags or dark circles under the eyes.  It’s easy to do.  Just refrigerate half a glass of milk for 15 minutes.  Once cold, soak two slices of cucumber in the milk.  Then apply to your eyes.  Results will be immediate.
  • Rose Petal Remedy.  Another great strategy for bags or dark circles under the eyes consists of taking 8 or 9 rose petals and placing them in a jar with 4 tablespoons of almond oil.  Soak them for a day in a dark corner that doesn’t receive sunlight.  The next day, use a cotton ball and massage your eyes with the mixture.  This is very effective and pleasant.

Massage for fighting eye fatigue

relax eyes

This massage will help rejuvenate and offer a much healthier look to your eyes.  It is a technique to reactivate circulation, tone your eyes and the skin, and to thereby provide expression and liveliness to your eyes.

  1. Start by washing your hands well and apply any of the previously mentioned creams.  Or, you could use an egg white, or avocado or cucumber cream.  Start by massaging the area under the eyes in a circular motion, until reaching the eyelid and then the eyebrows.  Always move in a circular motion.
  2. Now use your thumb and index finger and squeeze the bridge of your nose.  Place your fingers between both of your tear ducts and make small circles with both fingers.  This will reactivate circulation.
  3. Then, pinch your eyelids and gently pull on them.  Make another circular massage on each of your eyelids.
  4. Using your middle finger, gently tap along the area surrounding the bags under your eyes.
  5. Lastly, for a moment of relaxation, cover your eyes with the palm of your hands for a minute.
  6. Repeat this cycle 3 times.
Photos courtesy of Polly Mcarthy, Eduardo Medina.