Treating Diabetes with Stevia and Cinnamon

· April 24, 2015

Type II diabetes is the most common type of diabetes. It normally manifests gradually. In this case, the pancreas produces insulin but it is not properly utilized. Treatment may be based on medication, insulin or both. It doesn’t usually present specific symptoms, so it can go quite unnoticed.

We should try and control this disease because, if otherwise, over time, eye, kidney and nerve lesions can occur, as well as heart disease, stroke and even the need to amputate a limb. In this article, you will find out about a natural method for treating diabetes with stevia and cinnamon.

The treatment

The specialist will assess our case and will give us a treatment to follow. A strict diet is essential, and we can also significantly get better if we exercise regularly, control our weight and follow some natural tips. In this article we present the two best natural remedies: stevia and cinnamon.


We have learned about Stevia rebaudiana in recent years, although it is native to Paraguay, where it has always been consumed. This plant has proven its excellent properties not only as a natural sweetener with no calories but because of its multiple properties, the first of which is that it regulates glucose levels. We can take three daily infusions or directly in extracts or tablets. It is essential that it’s pure extract with a dark color, and not a refined sweetener that has no properties because they were removed. Stevia


Some studies have shown that cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) lowers glucose, cholesterol and lipid levels in people with type 2 diabetes, and even keeps them in a low level for a while after taking it. According to these studies, cinnamon increases insulin sensitivity, which controls glucose levels, and furthermore is also very beneficial because of its high level of antioxidants.


Treating diabetes…

If we want to follow a natural treatment based on stevia and cinnamon, we recommend to first check with your doctor or naturopath.

The way to a cure is to establish a fixed period of between one and three months, during which we drink three infusions a day. One in the morning, one after lunch and one in the afternoon. We prepare the infusions boiling two tablespoons of stevia leaves or powder and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder for five minutes. Try for both of them to be of good quality.

If the infusion is too sweet, we recommend adding a squeeze of lemon juice.

Other tips

During treatment we recommend you follow up with your family doctor, to control glucose levels in the blood and so you can see the effects of these two plants, so you can also begin controlling your medication.

We can also add other foods to our diet that can be very beneficial:

  • Beer yeast: contains chromium, that regulates sugar levels
  • Fresh watercress: also contain chromium
  • Fresh peas: which acts as a plant insulin.
  • Whole grain cereal: especially rice and oats, which regulate blood sugar levels
  • Natural Coconut Water: with hypoglycemic action.
  • The reishi, maitake and shiitake mushrooms: glucose level regulators, with many other properties for our body.

In addition, you have to strictly follow medical guidelines, exercise regularly, sunbathe outside of peak intensity levels and naturally treat any emotional problem that you may have. All this affects our wellbeing and inevitably affects the evolution of any disease.