Treat Your Fatty Liver With These 5 Artichoke Recipes

09 November, 2018

By combining the properties of artichokes with other ingredients you optimize your hepatic processes as well as purify the liver.  This avoids complications in liver functioning, such as a fatty liver.

A fatty liver is a medical condition that causes a buildup of triglycerides. It also causes cell inflammation and different fats in this organ along with several symptoms. In addition, it’s possible not to have any symptoms and the victims are unaware that something is wrong.

Continue reading this article to find about these 5 natural remedies and the effects of artichokes to prevent this medical condition. With this vegetable and other medicinal ingredients, you can prevent and treat this hepatic ailment and improve our overall health. Go ahead and give it a try!

Artichokes for Fatty Liver

Artichokes are very good for you and provide many benefits:

•  Protects liver function and regenerates hepatic cells.

•   Strengthens bile.

•  Reduces fat.

•  It is a powerful antioxidant that prevents ageing.

•  Reduces high levels of protein.

•  Prevents cardiovascular disease.

•  Improves intestinal function.

•  Prevents water retention

•  Reduces blood sugar levels and prevents insulin resistance.

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Artichoke Remedies

1.Artichoke and turmeric soup

Soups are cleansing dishes that provide many nutrients and few calories that you can all year long. The following recipe is a combination of artichoke with a touch of turmeric.

Turmeric is very beneficial to the liver and stands out for its anti-inflammatory properties.


•  2 artichokes

•  1 teaspoon of turmeric

•   2 cups of water

•   sea salt to taste

          Instructions and consumption

•  Cook the artichokes and the turmeric for 30 minutes.

•  Add sea salt to taste.

•  Eat a half hour before meals.

2.  Roasted artichokes with lemon

People who love artichokes enjoy their flavor and benefit from it more when it’s roasted in an oven or grilled. If you wrap it in aluminum foil and cook it for at least 40 minutes, it should be enough time for the heart to be very tender.

In order to give them a touch of flavor and more cleansing power to treat a fatty liver, combine them with lemon juice, black pepper, olive oil, and sea salt.

The result is delicious and can be an appetizer or a side-dish.

Artichokes with lemon
3. Artichoke, radish, and beet salad

If you want a cold remedy for hot days, then try this artichoke salad. Combine it with two medicinal ingredients that will help prevent you from having a fatty liver.

•  Radishes: bitter and spicy, improve the liver function and aid in the production of bile. They’re also rich in vitamin C. You can eat their leaves, which possess healing and cleansing properties. 

•  Red Beets: help treat a fatty liver and other hepatic conditions.  This is due to their antioxidant content. They’re also beneficial because they aid in preventing fats from oxidizing.

4. Rosemary and artichoke leaf tea

A simple way of using an artichoke remedy consists of preparing a medicinal infusion with its leaves and the stems. This way, you can reserve the heart to cook it later and take advantage of the entire plant. However, you should be aware that its flavor is very bitter.

Also, you can combine it with rosemary. Due to its ursolic acid content, this medicinal plant protects the liver function. It reduces inflammation and improves the blood flow and reduces cholesterol.

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5. Artichoke leaves and milk thistle

If you want a convenient and fast option for a fatty liver, you can buy a specific supplement. Artichoke capsules or pills that are sold facilitate digestion of large amounts of fatty foods in general. Also, you can find some more potent supplements that are combined with other medicinal plants.

Milk thistle is another great remedy for liver disease, thanks to its regenerative properties. You can also benefit from turmeric, boldo, or dandelion. Likewise, vitamin B7 (choline) helps keep the fat from building up or depositing on the liver.

If you’re going to take a supplement, you should do it under the supervision of a doctor or naturopath. It’s important to be aware of some natural remedies that interfere with certain medicines. There are also medicines that should not be taken for long periods of time without any breaks.