Just for Today, Let Everything Flow

When you let everything flow around you and stop clinging onto the impossible, you’ll realize that life is so much easier. Enjoy the moment!
Just for Today, Let Everything Flow

Last update: 27 May, 2021

Just for today, let everything flow. Let the bad things go away by themselves and be more receptive to the good. If you’ve never tried this strategy for personal growth, we suggest that you start it as soon as possible. Flow is a state of mind that can improve your quality of life and allow you to channel your energies to be more productive.

There are people who attribute to the term “flow” a spiritual and somewhat abstract air when, in fact, it has a psychological and scientific basis. So much so that the concept of flow was coined in 1975 by psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. Later, it was extended to many areas of personal development and even work.

Undoubtedly, it’s interesting, relaxing, and very useful in our daily lives. Here, we’ll teach you how to let everything flow, how to let yourself be carried away by the “here and now” to expand your consciousness and your productivity.

Let everything flow and don’t let anything distract you

A woman meditating on the beach.

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi defined flow as a state of harmony where a person is able to completely focus themselves on what they are doing. You can let everything flow while you go for a walk, read a book, relax, or even work. It’s just about being aware of what you are doing and enjoying it.

  • Psychologists explain that many people are under the influence of the erratic mind. They go from one thought to another, jumping from worry to worry until they create a suffocating web.
  • Little by little, frustration and unhappiness appear because your thinking begins to fall into these complex chasms of “If I had…,” “If others did…,” and “If I could…
  • These types of thoughts stop your flow. They hold you up, paralyzing you in frustration and discomfort. What they generate is negative energy.

To let everything flow is not to run away, it’s to be present

For everything to flow you must be aware that trying to run from a situation won’t solve anything. To flow means to let go of what is keeping you from moving forward, but you also have to be brave enough to face what’s hurting you at the moment.

  • It’s also important to accept that there are certain things that cannot be changed. For instance, you can’t make someone else change their personality. You also can’t force someone into loving you.
  • There are certain aspects that you need to accept, and acceptance is also a part of the flow itself.

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You are movement, be part of it

Probably on more than one occasion you’ve felt trapped, existentially stranded. This state of mind is very normal among human beings and it’s important to learn how to manage it.

Understand that flow is, above all, movement. So much so that the idea of happiness is very much related to the fact that everything flows and nothing or no one will hold you back or stop you. To better understand it, let’s look at an example.

Say you don’t have a lot of work right now and you’re in a very complicated, unhappy relationship. You know that in the city where you live there are no other job options, so you decide to take the first step. You allow yourself to flow. Then, you become more receptive and you start to hear of other opportunities. You become better informed, you widen your search, and one day you decide you’re ready for a change.

Because you’re committed to flowing, you choose to leave your city and the relationship that’s making you unhappy to try your luck elsewhere. That change, that movement, will bring you in turn to other new movements.

You’ll find work and there, you’ll meet someone special. Someone who truly appreciates and loves you.

Only when you let everything flow and refuse to allow the bad to influence you can you truly be free to create your own path. Try it today and you’ll see what positive results it can bring.

Look for “optimal” experiences

A brave woman dancing in the grass at dawn.

If you’ve never heard anyone talk about optimal experiences, we’ll tell you that they are very easy to identify; however, they’re not always easy to put into practice.

  • An optimal experience is the pleasure you derive from doing something you like: A hug, a meal, a walk, a bath, a conversation, a vacation…
  • Keep in mind that optimal experiences aren’t programmed. Many people take the attitude of “I’ll relax when I’m on vacation,” or “I’ll be happy when the weekend comes,” or “I’ll know what love is when I have the right partner.”
  • Finally, remember that the best time in your life is always right now. Therefore, let everything flow and let nothing hold you back, trap you with worry, or in thoughts like “I can’t today” or “You’re not worth it.

It’s simply a matter of being present and growing in a harmonious way according to your conscience, in freedom, integrity, and a deep inner peace that allows you to enjoy the “here and now.”

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