Discover All the Good that Life Has in Store for You

· November 24, 2016

What kind of attitude did you leave the house with today?

Sometimes we get to the point where we think that everything good has faded from our day to day lives – that our present is no more than a complex entanglement of adversities where nothing seems to work out.

However, aside from not being able to choose many of the things that happen to us, we have the option to face them in the best way possible: with bravery, courage, and self-confidence.

Remember this, everyday you choose what clothes you will wear, your hairstyle, and what you will eat for breakfast.

Why not also decide to put on new hopes? Why not decide the shield of courage, optimism, and bravery to bring out the best in ourselves?

Far from seeing this idea as a simple spiritual proposition or charged with an excess of positive psychology, it is worth it to dig deeper in it.

We talk, above all, about “programming our brains.” Or, creating a new thought to give way to an emotion capable of changing our reality.

We will explain to you how to make this a reality.

I suggest to myself bringing out the best of myself to discover all the good in life


Something we know is that there are people who, in some manner, are better at facing difficulties.

This can be because they possess strategies they’ve learned by focusing on psychology. However, the most common reason is because there are some who naturally possess this capacity, called resilience. With this, they can face complex challenges with more positivity.

Now, given that none of us are immune to dark days in which we are caught up by sadness, it is worth knowing ways we can achieve this change of attitude.

This emotional and psychological opening where we are more receptive to good things.

We propose reflecting on the following aspects.

In the first place, take your capabilities into account.

Certainly, at one time or another, you have experienced the following: before the same event two people react in different ways. How can this be?

  • Personality, experience, our emotions, or our way of thinking make it more or less easier for us to go through certain things. Each person reacts in a different way according to these dimensions.
  • It is one thing for something to occur around us. The way we process it is another thing.
  • We all need to be capable of taking into account our capabilities, strengths, and virtues.
  • All of us are stronger than what we think. It is so much so that our brain, whether we believe it or not, is programmed to survive.
  • This means that each one of us is resilient. Or, we can learn from difficulties and face them. The problem is that, from time to time, we don’t value ourselves enough.
  • With a good self-esteem and lots of confidence in ourselves we can make our capabilities shine. Also, we’ll be able to see all the good that we have in ourselves.

Neurolinguistic programming: how to organize our brain


You’ve most likely already heard talk about neurolinguistic programming.

This personal development and psychotherapy strategy looks for, above all, something very concrete: going from state A (the present state) to state B (the desired state).

In this case what we look for is to change our focus of thought. We want to discover all the good that exists around us and make the most of it.

We want to be more intuitive with respect to opportunities. That is to say, we want to find that which can enrich us personally and emotionally.

In order to achieve this goal, we can put in practice several strategies:

  • Learn to gauge your emotions. If you notice that everything in your mind is anguish and negativity, change this orientation. Gauge this negative focus.
  • The anchor is another interesting technique. It tries to fix our attention on one stimulus which anchors us. Every time we notice that we feel the sensation of getting knocked down, our mind must go to a “life boat.”

For example: today I think I’m not going to be able to make it through the day. However, if my mind remembers the calm of the beach I want to go back to during vacation, my motivation starts to come back.

To discover all the good, leave all the bad off to the side


We have a small reflection exercise. We will ask ourselves where the thing that upsets us comes from. As well as what hurts us and what trips us up.

  • It is possible that, all around you, there are people who bring more problems than peace.
  • It could also be that you need to make a change. There may be things that we can cut from our lives to make us feel better.
  • Also, there may be some aspects of yourself that you need to fight. Insecurities, obsessing too much about something, anticipating negative things… It is necessary to reflect on this.

To conclude, we know that it isn’t easy to always be very receptive to good things. Believing that luck can smile on us requires a little daily effort.

However, believe it or not, you only need to do one thing: change your attitude.