Tips on Sleeping Well After a Long Day

· January 30, 2015

There are terrible days, with thousands of worries and obligations. It’s those days that seem like everything is complicated. Perhaps you haven’t been sleeping well lately, overslept, can’t find your keys. Your boss is in a bad mood: in short, it seems like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

The only thing you want is for the end of the day to come so you can run home, relax, and then go to sleep and forget everything to get a fresh start the next day.

We have all sometimes, or often, had a bad day that you want to forget. That is why we want to emphasize some tips so that you can sleep like an angel after a terrible day.

While you are on your way home, take the time to think about things that bring you happiness, serenity. Listen to your favorite music. This is good step so that you can begin to relax your mind and get rid of bad energy.

Once you get home, you can start doing the tips for sleeping well that we will mention below.


  • First, put on comfortable clothing. Don’t wear anything that bothers you. Free yourself.
  • Start a super relaxing bath with your favorite scent. Put on soft music that will help soothe your nerves.
  • Since you were already practicing it while going back home, think about good things, day dream, let your imagination go. Think positive, that tomorrow will be a great day and everything will go in your favor.
  • You can also use meditation techniques. If you aren’t used to doing them, this would be a good time to learn them. You will see how they relieve your stress.
  • While you are taking a bath, massage your body. Start with gentle caresses and then massage your tense muscles deeper. Don’t forget your feet because they accumulate all of the tension. You will notice how your body improves after a good massage.
  • Massage your scalp as well. Some people have very sensitive scalps so it is not necessary to do it really hard. What’s most important is to find out what you like. Remember, a massage should not hurt.
  • Move on to your neck and take advantage of having your favorite essence on hand. Put a few drops in your hands and massage your neck area. Never press directly on your spine, only on the sides. You can do it in small circles with your fingers or by using your thumb and pointer finger on the same hand on the sides of your spine. Move upwards and downwards with enough pressure but not pain. You will feel your muscles starting to relax.
  • Now is the time to work on your lungs. Breathing not only helps relax your body completely. If you also take the time to do it deeply and slowly, you will make the oxygen get to all of your cells better. In general, when you are stressed or tense, your breathing becomes shallow and you stop taking advantage of the benefits of proper breathing technique.

You will realize that while you release air from your lungs, all of your muscles will start to relax. If you have followed these tips, you will definitely be much calmer and have more serenity.

You can take a bath for 15 to 20 minutes. However, if you’d like, you can take a longer one but don’t overdo it. When you decide to do it, there is only one more ingredient necessary for total relaxation and to be able to sleep like an angel.



Lastly, you can drink a chamomile infusion. This will increase your body’s relaxation and prepare it for a refreshing rest. If you get hungry, avoid eating a lot of food. If you want your sleep to be effective, go for a light salad or fruit. Large meals can cause insomnia.

Note: the recommended essential oils for relaxation are lavender, orange, and sandalwood. You should avoid mint or rosemary.