Tips for Preventing Foot Fungus

· April 29, 2015

Toe fungus is one of the most common problems and is paid hardly any attention until the fungus is completely developed. It is important that you know that fungus growth is an extremely slow process. It generally takes three times as long as the growth of a normal nail, and this makes it very difficult to detect any problem in your feet because when you realize it, it is because your feet are already completely invaded and that is why you should start doing treatments to cure fungus completely. To avoid the problem altogether, it’s best to learn about ways of preventing foot fungus.

The scientific name of this affection is onychomycosis and it is important that you keep in mind that its complete removal is a little complicated because it requires a lot of time and persistence for it to be completely eliminated. It can be treated naturally or through topical treatments. In this article, we’ll provide tips for preventing foot fungus.


One of the causes that produces fungus the most on your feet is sweating, which is why it happens in the summertime the majority of time, during when your feet are exposed to moisture for a prolonged amount of time. If you have more exposure to pools or showers, hte infection will significantly increase. As you already know, fungus reproduces easily in moisture, so you should be careful that you dry your feet well.


Some of the symptoms of fungus to keep in mind is color change and nail thickness. They can also sometimes take on a strong smell, but you should know that fungus is not only reproduced in the nails but also between the toes and these can be quickly treated to prevent any kind of complication.

The growth of a nail with fungus is also very slow, which could allow you to detect it easily, but the problem is that you will only notice it when the nail starts to have a color and thickness different form what’s normal. That is why we recommend that you are aware of any change, because this could be a deciding factor when preventing any kind of infection or disease.

If you suddenly get lucky and are able to detect fungus from the beginning, one of the things you can do is see a podiatrist. This person will remove the worn down pieces from the nail, which will allow a completely healthy new nail to grow. This procedure may not seem the best, but you should know that if you already have a nail with fungus, it should be removed, because otherwise it can turn into a very uncomfortable problem.

How to Protect Your Feet


  • It is important that you periodically wear shoes that allow ventilation in your feet, because fungus always thrive in darkness, moisture, and heat, so don’t forget to ventilate your feet as much as possible.
  • Don’t walk barefoot in places with high traffic like gym showers, pools, etc.
  • Constantly dry your feet after every shower and even when they are sweaty.
  • Exposing your feet once in awhile in direct sunlight will help get rid of this problem.
  • Don’t share your shoes with anyone, because you never know who could get exposed to the fungus. If you share shoes, you could catch it too.