Tips on Improving Your Memory

· February 5, 2015

Your memory is one of the most complex and important functions of your brain which is why you should learn about the way it works; even though there are still certain things that are not clear about it. What’s more, memory loss is common with age, especially if we don’t focus on how to protect it. In this article, we will try to offer some tips for improving your memory.

Eat Chocolate

According to various studies, chocolate can improve your cognitive functions very effectively if you eat it pure, because cacao has a large amount of flavonoids which have a lot of benefits for your health, especially for improving your memory, reducing blood pressure, and can also prevent diabetes.

Listen to Sounds While Your Sleep

Sleep well

According to studies done in Germany, if you sleep while listening to sounds that are synchronized with the rhythm of slow brain waves, you can strengthen these waves and therefore improve memory.

Control Headphone Volume

Excess noise can not only cause damage to your ears and cause deafness, but can also affect your memory. Through experiments with rats, they showed that exaggerated noise can affect the brain cells that are related with these two cognitive functions. In order to cause damages on the cellular level, only two hours of exposure to intense noise are needed, which can be between 95 and 97 decibels of intensity.

Get Rid of Abdominal Fat


Besides being important for having a good figure, heart health, circulatory system, and to get many more benefits, being thin is also important for your memory. According to several studies done, they have been able to establish that the protein in charge of metabolizing abdominal fat is also responsible for performing some functions in memory control and learning ability.

Between the liver and the brain, there is a molecule that functions in both. This molecule is called PPAR. When you need to metabolize abdomen fat, you end up getting rid of brain protein, which damages your memory. That is why it is important to control the fat in this part of the body because as a result the cerebral PPAR will be completely in charge of only this area, which will prevent problems in this part of the brain.

Spend Time Doing Crossword Puzzles

This type of activity has always been recommended for improving your memory or to at least delay the loss of this. It is very important to keep your mind occupied and distract it from problems that can affect your health. When you exercise your mind, you will be helping it get stronger and making it function. One of the most simple ways is to spend a few hours a day doing word searches, crosswords, and any activity that will make your memory function.