Tips for Surprising Your Partner in a Long Distance Relationship

01 May, 2019
Maintaining a long distance relationship is not easy. Discover some tips and tricks to make it easier and keep the passion and relationship healthy and alive.

Long distance relationships are difficult. However, with enough commitment and communication, a stronger relationship can be formed – sometimes even stronger than those couples who live close to one another.

Oftentimes, being away from your partner can make you appreciate him or her even more. You’ll begin to notice everything they do for you and miss all of their little quirks. In addition, you foster trust and learn to be more creative when it comes to surprising the other.

What can we do to liven up a long distance relationship? How do we keep it interesting?

Nowadays, it’s even easier with technology.

Keep reading to find out some tips that can help you surprise your partner when you are faraway from him or her.

Surprise Your Significant Other in a Long Distance Relationship

1. Have a Romantic Dinner

Today, there are many ways you can feel close to your partner, even if you are in a long distance relationship. While it’s nice to have a dinner together in person, you can still have a romantic dinner miles away from each other.


Video call!

With internet, you can instantly see and talk to the other person, almost as if they were actually there. This is perfect for a romantic evening or for a special night when you are in a long distance relationship.


  • If you want the dinner to be more special, you can decorate the room with candles or other romantic objects.
  • Make sure to choose food that both people like to eat.

2. Dedicate a Song to Each Other

Your partner will feel happy and surprised to know that you think of him or her throughout the day. Therefore, dedicating a song can be a way to surprise your partner when he or she least expects it and make your partner feel special.

There are many romantic songs that can express many feelings and can adequately express your strong feelings of love despite being far away from that person.


  • Choose a special song that best expresses how you feel.
  • Call into a radio station to dedicate the song to make it more exciting and special.
  • Then, call your partner so they can hear it when they announce it on the radio.
  • Publish it on social media or send it in a message.

3. Write a Love Poem

love poems
You can send romantic messages, love poems, or love songs to your partner.

Not all of us are talented poets, but you can draw from you most romantic feelings to write a poem or song for your special person.

Being far away from each other is difficult, but writing a poem with your own words and feelings can be the best way to let your partner know how important he or she is in your life.


  • Allow yourself to be open to your emotions and let these feelings carry into your writing.
  • Not all poems have to rhyme. The important thing is that it is romantic and sincere.
  • If you need help, you can search online for tips to improve your writing.

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4. Send a Funny Video

Nowadays, there are many tools and applications to make videos funny without too much effort. In addition, it only takes a few minutes to send and receive a video.

The theme of your video can be anything. You can send a funny video with jokes or with you acting silly, or you can send a compilation of happy moments and memories of your relationship.


  • Download a video app on your phone.
  • If you do not want to record yourself, you can gather photos and write romantic messages or record your voice to put over the photos.
  • If you want to, you can upload it to YouTube or your social media, so your partner can feel extra flattered and special.

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5. Surprise Your Partner with a Gift

surprise gifts
Surprise your partner with a gift delivered to their house.

If you have your partner’s home or work address, you can send surprise gifts whenever you want. There are several services that will hand deliver presents to people.

You can also look up local services to see if there are any special services that deliver to your significant other’s location.


  • Choose a gift that your partner will like: clothes, a teddy bear, a book from his or her favorite author, etc.
  • Don’t wait for it to be a special day. Send it on any day so that your partner is even more surprised.

6. Get a Little Sexy with Video Calls

When you’ve already reached a high level of confidence with your partner, you can take your usual video call conversations and make them a little more exciting. 

If your partner does not take the initiative, you can surprise him or her by wearing something sexy for the next video call.


  • Dress in a suggestive manner. You can wear lingerie or something that makes you feel sexy.
  • Say daring or risque things to create a game between you and your partner.

If you feel that you and your partner are falling into a boring routine while being away from each other, or if you want to keep the passion and intrigue alive while being apart, remember these tips and remember to always surprise your partner. 

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