Tips for Preserving Flower Arrangements

Are you frustrated because your flower arrangements only last a few days? Continue reading to find out what to do to make them last longer.
Tips for Preserving Flower Arrangements

Last update: 15 June, 2021

Flower arrangements are a great way to add color to our surroundings and create a more beautiful place with a welcoming feeling.

Flowers wilt quickly and seem to spoil in the blink of an eye; some last a couple of days, others up to a couple of weeks… exactly how long will depend on the variety and care you provide.

You can actually keep some floral arrangements for up to five days in perfect condition and we’re about to give you some simple tips to do so. They won’t take up much of your time, and they’ll improve the look of your home.

Tips to preserve your flower arrangements

A flower arrangement.
Flower arrangements are beautiful and perfect for any occasion.

Follow these tips to keep your flowers fresh and fragrant longer:

  • Remove the wraps and cut the stem diagonally; then remove the excess leaves and place them in a vase
  • Don’t exceed 4-5 inches of water, as the flowers could “drown”
  • The location of the flower arrangement is important; always keep them in a cool place at night and by a sunny window during the day, with no direct sunlight
  • In addition, you can add warm water to most flowers but we recommend cold water for bulbs and roses
  • Flowers need fresh water so change it every day; also, sniff off the stem end if it’s too dry
  • Orchids don’t require too much care because they’re quite hardy; just cut the stem diagonally and give them a warm water bath
  • However, hydrangeas need cold water to stay perky and beautiful
  • Add mineral salts or even place an aspirin in the water to revive them if you think they could use a boost; a spoonful of salt or sugar also helps
  • Spray the flowers or throw droplets with your hands to stimulate them

How to get better flower arrangements

It’s easy to maintain floral arrangements once you know the tricks; here are the steps to do so.

Clean the flowers

Firstly, clear the excess stems and leftover leaves from each flower. This will make it easier to recover as it won’t have to give up the flowers to do so. It’ll also prevent the formation of bacteria or even insects from going into wilted flowers.

Cold running water

Ideally, flowers must always be in cool water; cut the long stems at a 45-degree angle and then place them under the cold water tap. Do so with pruning shears or a sharp knife — so as not to break the stem strands.

Feeding the flowers

A woman arranging some flowers.
There are many ways to maintain flowers.

Flowers need nutrients after they’ve been cut from their main plant to stay strong and healthy. You can add anything from aspirin to a spoonful of sugar and vinegar.

Here are a few natural “drinks” for flower arrangements.

  • A tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of chlorine for every two quarts of water. This is because sugar nourishes and chlorine eliminates bacteria.
  • Effervescent aspirin oxygenates the water and keeps the water free of toxins and germs.
  • A splash of sprite or 7up is the equivalent of using sugar, and the carbonation protects the flowers from bacteria.
  • Be aware of the room temperature and keep flowers in cool places.
  • The sun and the heat wither flowers immediately, one could say they “melt” as a consequence so, keep them in a cool location away from cold air currents.
  • Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight as they’d wilt more quickly.

Flowers are a decorative element that shouldn’t be missing in your house. They’re easy to get your hands on and maintain for a longer period of time, as you’ve learned in this article.

There are no excuses, put into practice our tips to have the most beautiful flowers for longer.

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