Tips for Decorating Your Hallways

To prevent your hallways from looking naked and boring, you need to know how to decorate them. Find out some great tips below to make your hallways look great!
Tips for Decorating Your Hallways

Last update: 04 January, 2020

You use your hallways do get to different rooms. However, we often forget that hallways are parts of the house that you also need to decorate.

While it’s true they aren’t a priority, it doesn’t hurt to give them a little attention. In the end, decorating the hallways will make all the difference in your home or apartment.

When we think about decorating a hallway, you might think of only one thing: pictures on the wall. Honestly, how boring is a single, long corridor with pictures no one looks at?

The other thing you might think of are the typical family photographs. However, you can hang your Monet replicas in better places than your hallway

To decorate halls of your house in more attractive and fun ways, be honest with yourself. Decorate them with things that you and your guests want to look at.

So, what should you put on the walls?

Decorative elements for decorating the hallways

Patterned walls in the hallways.

  • Mirror. Yes, usually a mirror works best when decorating a hallway. It provides a sense of spaciousness and brightness. You can hang a mirror with or without a table underneath.
  • Table. Preferably, it should be narrow and without drawers. Tables with drawers make you want to store things in them that you’ll forget about. On the surface, you don’t need to fill it with photos or accessories. Simply place a nice table runner and some original decorations.
  • Medium or large decorative items. If you have a spacious hallway, add medium or large accessories. For example, you can place antique lamps, a large vase (with flowers or branches) wooden baskets, etc.
  • Lamp. There are people that like to place colorful lamps that are very decorative. If this is you, try to reduce the amount of things you place around it. That way, the lamp stands out as the main focal point. Of course, be sure to put it where people will see it in the hallway! If you opt for a simple lamp, make sure it’s bright enough to light up the other decorations.
  • Carpet. This is another optional element. A nice rug in the hallways can make your home feel cozy and warm. It also helps unify the overall decor of the house a bit.
  • Paint/Wallpaper. If your hallways are wide and you want to add personality and color, you can decorate it with wallpaper or a striking paint color. Another good idea is to use both to create visual continuity and make it look dynamic.
  • Murals. Nowadays, there are murals with images of great landscapes. At first, they create the illusion that the hallway doesn’t end there, but that it leads to nature. The best thing about murals is that you can easily customize them.
Decorating the hallways

Ideas for decorating your hallways

A good idea to decorate your hallways is to make one single thing the center of attention.

For example, if you want to focus on the chandelier,you can paint the ceiling a light shade. Nude tones also work very well.

Another idea is to leave the walls blank or a neutral color. Then, put in a colorful carpet that draws attention to its design and texture. Instead of adding a bunch of accessories, place a nice basket with cushions of different colors and sizes at the end of the hallways. It will look very welcoming.

You can also add the things we mentioned above: a lamp, mirror and table. Look for one of that is unique and different from normal ones. For example, instead of placing a square, circular or oval mirror, use one of a different shape or decorated frame. On a table, only add a few adornments. A pair of candles, a wooden figure, or a plant are all great ideas.

If these ideas have caught your attention but don’t fit your hallways, feel free to experiment and make adaptations. One idea can take you to another, and you’ll have beautiful hallways in no time!

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