Tips for a Successful Marriage

If you want a successful marriage, then it's very important to learn to respect one another and, even if you often do activities together, know how when to give each other space.
Tips for a Successful Marriage

Last update: 10 March, 2019

There are many circumstances that can put out the flames of love and passion. That’s why today we’d like to show you a few tips to build and maintain a successful marriage.

Regardless of how much you you love someone, living with that person who most likely received an entirely different education than yours will require commitment. Furthermore, differences often trigger negative situations in those couples who aren’t mentally prepared to face them.

Living happily ever after in a marriage is a very achievable dream if you know and commit to applying certain patterns of behavior. Keep reading to learn some tips for a long and satisfying relationship.

Tips for a Successful Marriage

Happy couple.

As we mentioned before, relationships are challenging. However, if you learn some basic principles, then the commitment you made to yourself and to society when you said “I do” will become the best decision of your entire life.

Ready to take notes?

1. Communicate

Communication is the basis of every successful marriage and relationship.

Try to have a best friend in your partner. Talk about daily issues. Tell them about your goals and projects. Show your appreciation, as much as you can, and respectfully debate your disagreements. The goal is to find more solutions and generate fewer conflicts.

2. Listen

You must close the door to selfishness if you want to guarantee a successful marriage. Don’t always talk about yourself and your needs, and listen with attention and seriousness to theirs and their approach.

If you can, help them get what they need – even by just showing your support and confidence in them. Rejoice with their achievements and correct any matter on which you may disagree together. Nobody ever agrees entirely on everything, so don’t take it personally.

3. Enjoy a Healthy Sex Life

Sex is fundamental in a romantic relationship. Don’t settle for the routine. Keep the spark of romance and surprise your partner from time to time.

Find new positions, experiment with new things and places, and talk about what you both like and dislike and what you’d like to try.

4. Forgive

No one is perfect and, as humans, we have countless possibilities to make mistakes. Failure and regret activate forgiveness.

Make sure that what once affected the relationship won’t happen again. Moreover, agree on the appropriate measures to take and follow that path together.

5. Don’t Relive Old Wounds

If something unpleasant happened and you forgave it, don’t bring up the issue over and over every time you have a disagreement. It’s a low blow to your partner, to your own mental health, and to the well-being of your relationship.

That which was already discussed and forgiven must be left behind in order to continue advancing and create new experiences.

6. Personal Space

Everyone knows that a couple is made of two people, but you must also take into account that each member of a couple is still an individual. Thus, respect each other’s space and give each other room to share yourselves with the other people you love and to practice your hobbies.

Invading the privacy of your partner or trying to be together all the time will lead to routine and exhaustion (unless you both truly enjoy doing everything together, that is).

Common Mistakes

Happy family.

Here are some common mistakes that could threaten a relationship. If you keep them in mind and are ready to apply them when you need them, you’ll undoubtedly avoid many headaches and traumatic consequences in your sentimental life.

It’s a major mistake to:

  • Hide your problems from your spouse. Hiding the difficulties you face, or even the mixed feelings and dislikes you feel for your partner.
  • Not share activities, as it opens the doors to distancing from one another.
  • Be against your spouse. This attitude is highly detrimental to a relationship because it premeditates errors to make them fail or cause them harm.
  • Stop showing signs of love and affection.
  • Resort to microaggressions shaped as irony and/or passive-aggressive hints. Acting like this only enhances your differences.


Marriage can help provide a strong foundation for a relationship. Also, any healthy and long-lasting relationship – whether it be a marriage, civil union or partnership – brings you the following personal benefits. It:

  • Expands your social circle.
  • Helps you attain greater mental maturity.
  • Increases your ability to find solutions to everyday problems.
  • Improves your sexual health and sexuality.

If you want a satisfactory marriage, then it’s important to maintain the strength of the conjugal bond in the face of adversity. Thus, a successful marriage must be a safe haven where the couple can express their differences, anger, and conflicts, and safely and healthily enjoy life together.

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