Tips for Eliminating Smelly Armpits

October 15, 2018

The first thing you should know is smelly armpits aren’t necessarily due to bad hygiene. They are, in fact, often due to gland or hormone factors. This odor is just as bothersome and unappealing for the person that has it, as for those around him.

Nonetheless, the most important thing to keep in mind is you can treat this naturally through daily treatments. These treatments can, little by little, reduce the amount of sweat.

Or, alternatively, you can simply stop doing the things that you probably didn’t know are causing the odor. For this reason, today we’ll be giving you several general recommendations. We hope that they’ll help you to avoid the embarrassing situations that are caused by smelly armpits.

How to eliminate smelly armpits

Thoroughly wash your armpits

This solution is logical! Having said that, some people still sweat and smell, even though they wash well. You really do need to scrub your underarm very well with soap. Some soap contains a strong scent that makes you sweat more quickly, instead of making you smell better. For that reason, it’s better to buy a neutral soap.

Make sure no residue is left behind

You need to wash your armpits very well to get rid of any leftover soap or deodorant residue from the previous day. These can produce fungus or bacteria.  

You can make a natural remedy that is guaranteed to leave your armpits clean and odorless. Simply mix alcohol and vinegar and apply it with a cloth after you bathe at night if you desire a better effect.

Use baking soda

A bowl of baking soda

We can also use baking soda to avoid having smelly armpits. Wash your underarms well when you notice a faint odor, and apply a little baking soda powder with a cotton swab. If it doesn’t bother you, you can leave it there. Another effective trick is to mix a spoonful of baking soda in lemon juice and apply after bathing.

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In case of excessive body odor

If you suffer from excessive body odor, you can create a thyme or rosemary herbal mixture and apply it to your underarms. This helps with hyperhidrosis – chronic sweating –which can affect personal relationships and daily activities.

Aloe Vera can also help to control excessive sweating. You can simply apply a little of the gel found within the plant. This has an even greater effect if applied at night. Tomato can also reduce excessive sweating if you apply blended tomato to the armpits and leave for a few minutes.

When choosing clothing…

A rail of clothing

One thing you probably didn’t know is that certain fabric, colors or materials can cause you to sweat more and have a bad odor. For example, if you are already tend to have bad odor, then it’s best to avoid tight clothing.

This is because the tight clothing can prevent an adequate air flow. Instead, you should look for natural fabrics or synthetic ones. Similarly, color can affect it, like black, which can make you sweat more in spite of making you look thinner.

Eat healthily

Your diet also has a lot to do with armpit odor, even though it is usually overlooked. For example, your sweat will smell a lot stronger if you consume a lot of onion, garlic, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. In contrast, fruits and vegetables can reduce it. The same is true of cigarettes, which wear down the skin and produce stronger odors.

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Shave your armpits

Armpit hair can also be the cause of smelly armpits. If you don’t shave, it can allow odor-causing fungus and bacteria to form.

Use anti-perspirant instead of deodorant

Woman spraying deodorant

Deodorants only deal with body odor, but really don’t cover excessive sweating. On the other hand, anti-perspirants controls excessive sweating and body odor.