Time Heals All Wounds

· February 5, 2017
No matter what life has thrown your way, always remember that suffering is temporary and times heals all wounds, no matter how painful they may be.

No matter what damage someone has done to you or how much you have suffered, time heals all wounds in the end.

There are many phrases that refer to the space and time that we need for our wounds to heal. It’s an injury that will leave a mark, but that will no longer make us feel any pain.

We tend to look for the solution here and now. We want an effective remedy without having to go through a stage of mourning or a period of even more suffering.

However, life doesn’t work that way, especially when our feelings and emotions are involved.

It’s necessary to give it time.

Time and a new perspective


Our emotions cloud our sight and blind us. That’s why there are many things that we don’t understand when we’re merely spectators of a situation.

For example, think of people who experience domestic violence, return to their partner and even justify their partner’s wrongdoing.

As a person who witnesses what happens, you don’t understand why the victim hasn’t filed a complaint or why they haven’t sought help. However, you have to realize that you may have acted the same way if put in the same situation.

Victims of abuse have mixed feelings and suffer from constant manipulation. Their lack of self-esteem and emotions lead them to not knowing how to make decisions.


Why do people who have experienced domestic violence tend to justify their aggressor? Well, it’s simply because their emotions have turned them blind. Seeing a circumstance from an outside perspective is not the same as personally experiencing it.

That’s why it’s important to give ourselves time after we face adversity. We can analyze our situation better by giving ourselves some space and time to think things over.

When you’re in a bad situation, you can’t act or speak as you would like to. This is because your emotions are in control.

What hurts today will stop hurting tomorrow.


However difficult our lives have been in the past, today we’re new people.

Even if you’ve experienced abuse, you’ve been unemployed for a long time or you’ve lost someone you loved, you eventually end up recovering from the pain you previously felt.

Our emotions fade over time. We’re not sad for a whole year. After all, we can’t even be happy for a whole day. This is because our emotions fluctuate and change.

What happens if an emotion continues? Then we may be experiencing depression or a disorder that needs to be controlled.

Now let’s think of an example. Say that your partner has cheated on you, and this has greatly hurt you. You consequently experienced a period where you didn’t trust anyone, but this was temporary. In the end, you overcame it.

What hurts today will stop hurting tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or next month. We’re all different and need our own time for our wounds to heal.

Everything has its positive side.


There’s always a silver lining to even the most terrible of situations, which can teach us a lesson. Here are a few lessons our challenges and pain can teach us:

  • The first is, without a doubt, that negative situations enable us to learn. As a great quote goes: “You can never make the same mistake twice because the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.” If it’s not in your hands to circumvent it, at least you will know how to deal with it better in the future.
  • The second is that you become stronger. Any problem or challenge makes us much stronger and more courageous than before.
  • The third is that you will know yourself better. What happens to us tests us and helps us to discover how we act when challenged by all of life’s unforeseen circumstances.

Pain doesn’t make you weak, but stronger. It’s just something you feel that goes away over time.

When you look back, you won’t feel the same and you may even think,”I was such a fool for acting like that. I should have behaved differently.”

However, if you had not gone through the experience, then you would never have had the chance to even reflect upon your behavior at that time.

We’re not born wise and we never stop learning.

Remember suffering is always temporary and time heals all wounds.