Realizing That Less Is More in Happiness

Over time we realize that less is more in happiness. The important thing is not to have many friends, but to have genuine ones.
Realizing That Less Is More in Happiness

Last update: 05 December, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, time doesn’t necessarily grant us wisdom and maturity. Because less is more in happiness.

To mature means, first of all, to become aware of everything we’ve done so that we can learn from them.

This is an act that a humble person carries out, as they own up to every mistake they make without regretting it.

Because everything happens for a reason, to balance things out in life.

Also, there are many people who are starting to realize something very concrete: what makes us happy is not having things, accumulating material goods or achieving success.

Happiness is something as simple as loving and being loved. And something like this only makes sense with a very limited group of people.

This is far from being selfish. In fact, we must see it as a part of emotional health. Giving our love to only a few people will prevent us from being disappointed, having false illusions and will give us that personal balance that we all aspire to.

In this article, we will reflect on this subject.

As time goes by you learn and discover: less is more in happiness

During our adolescence or our early youth, things and people come to us in all shapes and sizes, and we accept all of this:

  • We want to experience things, laugh, love, discover and feel.
  • Setting limits and putting up barriers often means not being accepted and losing our opportunity to join the group.
  • Love comes with the intensity of a storm.
  • We let ourselves be carried away with the need of someone who longs to feel love and loved.
  • The same is true of friendships.

However, as time passes, we open that inner gaze that is able to see what surrounds us more clearly, with more perspective and wisdom.

Having a growing social group does not make you happy


We can alleviate loneliness in many ways, but accumulating friends is not the best way. Doing so means, first of all, bringing people into our lives who will not always be sincere or compatible with our identity.

  • Loneliness is a kind of personal emptiness that we must fill as we mature, in order to establish fuller and authentic relationships with others.
  • As time goes by we end up losing many friends. This is because time is wise and tells us who is right for us and who isn’t.
  • Only then do we realize that authenticity and sincere love is what can enrich our soul and our heart.
  • Values like respect, reciprocity or complicity are not easy to find.
  • Once we find true friends or partners that we’re completely compatible with, we refuse to let them go, because they’re the ones who give light to our existence.

Less is more in our personal relationships

Extroverted individuals, who need social stimuli, appreciate this ongoing interaction in large groups of people where they talk and laugh with those around them.

  • The more interaction these people have, the happier they are. The more friends they have, the more opportunities they have to go out, enjoy themselves and start new projects.
  • However, over time even this type of person discovers that it’s always better to have a small number of people around them, to enjoy friendship with.
  • It’s not about breaking bonds, about avoiding certain people, partners, and family. Instead, it’s really a question of not reinforcing that uncomfortable bond by respectfully distancing yourself from certain people.

Moreover, as time goes by, it doesn’t matter to us what others think of us. We know that “less is more” and that, if the little things bring us great happiness, then we don’t need anything else.

I settle for less because I know it’s the BEST


If you have two friends, and if they are sincere, noble and authentic, you don’t need anything else: they’re a treasure.

Likewise, if you have a partner with whom you have a harmonious relationship, with whom you can grow, and you feel you can be yourself around and enjoy every moment, then you have everything.

  • Making our circle smaller to include people such as our partner, friends and some members of our family, isn’t an action that we can criticize.
  • Because someone who knows what they have, appreciates and cares for, needs nothing more than a small circle of friends and family.
  • However, this is something that not everyone can see. Sometimes, the most beautiful thing you have in your life is very close to you.

Be humble so that you can discover that less is more in happiness.

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