Time Doesn’t Erase Anything: It Puts Things in Their Place

February 17, 2017
You are the product of everything you have done, everything you have said, and everything you have seen and accomplished. But remember: you are also an active agent in your own reality.

The fingers of time are artistic, implacable, and powerful. Far from seeing yourself as a puppet on its strings, however, you need to know something very clearly: you are an active agent in your life.

There are those who live under the idea that “the past is what it is,” and that it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday because every day is a new opportunity to change and create a new reality and leave behind what has passed.

While it’s true that this can be a very positive outlook for personal growth, there’s something else you shouldn’t forget: you are the product of everything you have done, everything you have said, and everything you have seen and accomplished, both alone and with others.

Your past has become a diluted part of your present and makes up part of who you are. Time shapes you and places you in the present, which is something that you should always remain aware of.

Today we would like to reflect a little more on this.

Time almost always puts things where they belong

This phrase may come across a little strong: time puts everything in the place that it deserves to be. It’s possible that you might view this as unfair.

If you’re a good person, why do you feel so unhappy right now? The answer to that question is simple: your unhappiness is rooted in the present moment and has nothing to do with things in your past.

You have to take action and fight for your well-being right now.

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Here are a few simple examples to help you understand this a little better.

  • People who have been treated with contempt or selfishness by those around them might currently experience rejection or a lack of confidence due to their family members.
  • Those people have never dared to leave their comfort zones and are frustrated with the present, feeling that their lives aren’t as they had once dreamed.
  • The person who sows bitterness will reap only solitude.

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As you can see, these small examples make up a central idea: you will harvest all the fruits that you have sown in time.

You are everything you have seen and felt, but you can change

Can people really change? Personality is a very complex thing. It’s a product of your genes, the environment in which you grew up, and your life experiences.

People can’t change from one day to the next. What they do is mature. Similarly, you also become aware of aspects about yourself that you want to improve.

People don’t change their personalities – what changes is their attitudes. You can improve as long as you realize that it’s needed.

You are everything you have seen and experienced in the past, but you’re also an active agent in your own reality. This is worth keeping in mind: if there’s a will, a person can make a change.

3-woman-with-ship-on-backWhen time is unfair

Unfortunately, being a good person won’t guarantee that your life will always be wonderful. Nor does it determine that good things will always come your way.

While it’s true that “time puts things in their place,” you need to also understand that life doesn’t always understand equality. Remember:

  • If you show your partner continued love and respect, they will always love you (this is not always the case).
  • Because you’ve always been humble in your work, your boss will respond to you in the same way (this idea doesn’t always hold).
  • Since I’ve raised my children with love and always given them what they desire, they will always respond to me in the same way (many parents can tell you this won’t always happen).

It might seem unfair, but in reality the balance of life doesn’t understand fairness. You won’t always receive what you think you should based on what you give. Being a good person doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Time, on occasion, doesn’t treat you like it should.

So…what can you do in these situations?

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4-magicHow to deal with everyday injustice

Don’t act passively in the face of injustice. If someone in your present is treating you poorly, don’t take it personally or act like you’re a victim. React.

  • If you think that time isn’t treating you the way you deserve, create the reality that you want. People aren’t puppets of their destiny: we are warriors who have to face all kinds of problems every day.
  • Understand that being good at heart also makes you more sensitive. You care about other people and you have greater empathy and emotional openness. All this can cause others to seek you out with selfish desires on occasion.
  • Be brave and don’t ever stop being a good person. If you’ve always sowed good seeds in the present don’t let time change that just based on what others do or don’t do.

Follow your instincts and be a worthy person who is capable of being happy and offering happiness to others.


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