Three Natural Therapies for Nicotine Dependence

Did you know that it's possible to overcome nicotine dependence with natural remedies? In this article, discover some great options.
Three Natural Therapies for Nicotine Dependence

Last update: 23 September, 2019

Nicotine dependence is a serious problem. Although many smokers want to quit this harmful habit, the dependence this substance cigarettes contain makes it very hard for them to do it.

Today, we tell you all about three natural therapies to help you in your path to quitting smoking. These options may help you achieve your goal.

Natural therapies for nicotine dependence

Natural therapies are excellent alternatives to overcome nicotine dependence. Below, we’ll explain some of the best options, as some plants and other compounds are effective.

1. Overcoming nicotine dependence with cytisine

A woman taking cytisine for nicotine dependence.

Although cytisine is a natural complement, its consumption should be supervised by a physician.

The article Smoking Cessation and the Cardiovascular Patient notes that cytisine is a natural choice to cope with nicotine dependence. This has been supported by a clinical trial.

Cytisine is an extract found in the seeds of the golden rain tree (Cytisus laburnum), which was already used by Soviet countries to help people quit smoking. You should take this natural therapy as follows:

  • See your doctor for his or her advice.
  • Then, you can find cytisine in tablet form.
  • During the first days, you should take six tablets.
  • From the third day, you should reduce the dose gradually.

You should only take the extract of this plant for 25 days, as that’s the estimated time it’ll help you overcome your nicotine dependence. Be consistent. However, it’s important to consult your doctor before taking it.

2. Kudzu

Kudzu (Pueraria lobata) is another option for nicotine dependence. The part used for this purpose is the root. Its properties inhibit the reward circuits, favoring the reduction of nicotine intake.

There are various ways to consume this natural remedy to overcome your nicotine dependence. We recommend that you choose the option that best fits your lifestyle and get your doctor’s advice first.

  • Tablets. You should start taking between five and six tablets per day, then gradually reduce your intake.
  • Powder. You can add it to your foods or dissolve the powder in a glass of juice. We don’t recommend doing so in a glass of water, as its flavor can be unpleasant.
  • Extract. You can dissolve kudzu drops in a glass of water or consume them directly.

3. Homeopathy

A person who decided to quit smoking.

Besides resorting to natural therapies, medical supervision and willpower are the cornerstones to quitting this bad habit.

The last tip to overcome your nicotine dependence is a natural therapy known as homeopathy. As stated in the article Application of homeopathy in smoker patients, this option may yield great results.

Homeopathy is complementary medicine. This means that you can use it while using any of the options we shared above.

In this type of medicine, tablets that have no health contraindications are prescribed. Also, you can try elements such as Bach flowers, for example.

Note: Alternative medicines for quitting smoking haven’t been fully verified by scientific studies, which is why they require the supervision of a medical specialist to guide you through them.

Willpower helps!

Believing that these natural options are going to help you overcome your nicotine dependence on their own is a big mistake. It’s important to be willing to quit smoking and be aware that you’ll be riddled with anxiety at some point.

In these cases, you must rely on your willpower and the natural remedies we mentioned here. Really believing that they’ll help you overcome your dependency is vital for this to actually happen.

It’s not easy to quit smoking. Therefore, we also recommend avoiding places that can make you fall back into this habit. For example, don’t go to smoking areas when you visit bars. This may help you.

We hope this article helps you overcome your nicotine dependency so you can quit smoking.

What has been the hardest part for you? Have you fallen back into the habit without you even realizing it? Do you have any tips to share?

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