Three Herbal Remedies that Fight Hair Loss

· September 13, 2015
To strengthen your hair, you can use herbal treatments that compliment your regular hair care routine. Remember that you also need to have a balanced daily diet that provides your body with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to promote healthy hair growth.

Everyone experiences at least some hair loss, which is completely natural. Yet at times we may be shocked to see an excess amount of our hair falling out, whether it’s due to a change in climate, being under stress or experiencing metabolic or hormonal changes. What can you do about it? Good nutrition is always essential – especially getting minerals like iron and zinc. In addition to that, the herbal treatments we’re going to talk about today can really help us fight hair loss. Read on to find out more!

The best herbal remedies to fight hair loss

Every now and then you might be low in iron, for example. This is a common cause of hair loss. Other times it can be brought on by changes in the metabolism, diseases or conditions like hypothyroidism, heredity, or even just the passage of time – all of these factors make it difficult to maintain a mane of thick, beautiful hair. And you need to take all of them into account when seeking a solution.

But can herbal treatments really help? Obviously we’re presenting them here as supplements – they can be useful but they’re not going to make your hair grow thicker all by themselves. What they do, however, is stimulate and nourish the hair follicles. They can also treat and repair hair, providing a lot of benefits. It’s worth a shot so take note of the following.

1. Rosemary and nettle cream

2 nettle

This treatment is simply fabulous. It’s a classic remedy that has been used for ages to mitigate hair loss in men – nettle root blocks the production of the hormone known as DHT, which is responsible for male-pattern baldness. How do you prepare this cream? It’s really simple. All you need to do is collect some nettle root and two sprigs of rosemary, and boil them in two cups of water. Once you have brewed this infusion let it cool, then apply the liquid to wet hair using a gentle massaging pattern before rinsing with warm water.

2. Horsetail and geranium treatment

3 shampoo

Does this combination surprise you? Well, it’s highly useful. Its effectiveness is primarily due to the fact that horsetail grass contains cysteine, selenium, and silica, which all strengthen hair and promote its growth. When combined with geranium it further nourishes the hair follicles and produces new hair. To make this all you need is to boil a quart of water and add 7 tablespoons of dried horsetail grass with 5 geranium leaves. So easy. Let the mixture cool before applying it to damp hair. Use a vigorous massage and don’t rinse – also, don’t use the hair dryer and let it air dry instead. If you do this three times a week you’ll begin to see results.

3. Apple cider vinegar and sage tea

4 apple cider vinegar

This is the third herbal treatment you should try. Apple cider vinegar contains sulfur, which is an essential component of healthy hair. When combined with the powers of sage it nourishes the scalp and stimulates the growth of new hair. You just need to make a tea using three tablespoons of dried sage with two cups of boiling water. Let it stand and add half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Again, just massage this mixture into damp hair and then rinse with warm water before washing regularly. And don’t worry – your hair won’t smell like vinegar. On the contrary, your hair will shine and look much more beautiful. Shall we give it a shot?