Thoughts that Limit Your Mind

· September 5, 2017
Avoiding all thoughts that cause you harm will help you to grow. Accep that you're not perfect and allow yourself to fail so you can learn from your mistakes.

There are different ways of thinking that limit our creativity, that submerge us in agony and that occasionally cause us to play the role of victim.

However, this is a way of viewing life and as such, it can be modified.

But how? By being conscious of these ways of thinking that are damaging to us and that on occasion cause us to put up bars that separate us from our surroundings.

Ways of Thinking that Imprison You

“I’ll leave it for tomorrow”

Does the word “procrastinate” sound familiar to you? It’s a habit that you probably have that causes you to always leave something you want to do for the next day.

What happens in most cases is you keep putting it off until you forget about it.

Excuses like you have to save up and not spend money on that trip that you really want or not treating yourself, even though you can because you think it wouldn’t be right, are ways that you prohibit yourself from enjoying life.

One way to avoid doing this is living each day as if it was your last, but not in a way that you are going to blow through all that you have, but rather to enjoy life and allow yourself to do the things that you want.

We only have one life. Who knows where we will be tomorrow? Why don’t we start to enjoy it here and now?

“I can’t stop thinking about…”

There exists something called “obsessive thoughts” which has a snowball effect where they become bigger and bigger until they overcome you and manifest themselves through anxiety or physical pain.

Something that has caused you to feel ashamed or a situation in which you are overcome with guilt can cause these obsessive thoughts to bombard you with how you could have avoided the situation.

All of a sudden, you can’t sleep at night, you can’t enjoy life, and your mind turns into a whirlpool of thoughts that won’t cease.

Learning how to let go will become essential to not clinging to these harmful ideas that don’t get you anywhere.  Because if you think about it, are you actually resolving anything by constantly thinking about something that is already in the past?

“I have to do it perfectly”

Have you ever been a perfectionist? If you have, you know that at times, this blocks you and prevents you from accepting something that has already been finished.

With the excuse that you have a task at hand to accomplish, you will spend hours and hours trying to make it absolutely perfect.

Nonetheless, you are probably conscious of the fact that this is something completely subjective. In reality, perfection doesn’t really exist.

You’re probably scared of failure, or of losing, or of being rejected for doing a bad job. But have you ever stopped to think about this being a good opportunity to learn and grow?

By being a perfectionist you will never be able to improve. However, by trial and error, you will. Accept that you are not perfect, give your best, and keep growing.

“I blame myself or you are to blame”

You’ve had a close encounter with blame previously, but since it such an important topic, it is crucial that we fully address it.

Blame in its two forms, blaming others or feeling guilty, is very damaging. It prohibits you from living a normal life and it can be paralyzing.

  • When you blame yourself you’re not able to get out of your current state, you paralyze yourself, and you plunge yourself into the obsessive thoughts that come at you.
  • When you blame others, you escape from the responsibility that you should have over a situation, which results in immaturity and lack of perspective.

It’s important that you find the necessary balance of blaming yourself and blaming others, to be able to abandon this type of thinking that limits your mind.

Many of us have experienced these ways of thinking that make us feel bad, that paralyze us and prevent us from living happy, full lives.

Now that we are aware of every one of them, we should try our best not to fall into their snares.

Because we don’t deserve to suffer at our own hands since it is us who have put ourselves at these crossroads.

Remember, the worst storms are the ones we form in our heads, not the ones that are actually occurring.