This Exercise Routine Will Help Quickly Tone Your Legs

If you want to tone your legs you need to focus on cardiovascular exercise. You can begin with a few minutes a day, and do more as your resistance increases.
This Exercise Routine Will Help Quickly Tone Your Legs

Last update: 04 November, 2018

If you want to get rid of fat in a specific area of your body, you need to look for a series of exercises to help you, since diet and general sports will not be enough. To tone your legs, therefore, you should follow a set routine.

In this article, discover which type of exercises can help to get rid of fat from your thighs and calves.

Tone your legs with exercise

tone your legs

The advantage to toning your legs with this exercise routine is that you’ll manage to reduce fat and also tone muscle. This way, your legs will look svelte and firm.

Trying slimming diets and living a sedentary lifestyle might get rid of fa,t but the muscle can become saggy. For this reason, the most effective thing to do is to follow a balanced diet accompanied with appropriate activity.

Cardiovascular or strength training?

When is comes to choosing what type of exercise you’re going to do, you need to remember your objective.

  • If you have skinny legs and you want to strengthen them, you need to focus on strength exercises with weights or belts.
  • On the other hand, if you want to slim down your legs, you should opt for cardiovascular exercise. Cardio and aerobic sports work the heart and the lungs and increases perspiration, fat burning, and energy expenditure.

Exercise routine

Below, we propose a variety of different aerobic exercises that help fat loss in general, particularly on the legs. You can choose the ones you like the most or combine them since they’re all effective.

When you begin, you might notice that you get tired after only a short time, since they’re a test of your resistance.

However, if you start by just doing them for a short time and then gradually increase the length of time, you’ll see visible results in just a few weeks.

1. Dancing


People who love dancing needn’t rack their brains to find a good exercise for their legs.

If you attend dance sessions three times a week, it’ll help reduce the fat that accumulates around the waist, thighs, and calves.

There are many different types of dance: ballroom, aerobic, zumba, samba, belly dancing… These days, you can also find styles of dance that combine martial arts, swimming, and other disciplines. The important thing is to do the one that you enjoy the most.

2. Skipping rope

Jump Rope

The advantage to skipping with a rope is that, as well as being fun, you’ll burn a lot of calories in a very short time.

Moreover, this exercise helps to develop good coordination and balance, as well as combating stress.

In just 10 minutes of skipping you use up the same amount of calories as running for half an hour.

This exercise also helps to work the majority of your body, which makes it a great choice to do at least once a week.

  • You can start by skipping for 1 minute and then rest for 1 minute.
  • Alternate between the two for 10 minutes in total.

3. Jogging


If you like running, stick to a simple jogging routine. You can do it in the park, in the street, or in the gym, or on a track. You can even try doing it at the beach.

Jogging is really healthy. However, it’s important to keep good posture, breathe correctly, and do stretches to avoid injury.

4. Mini trampoline

A minitramp is a trampoline for individuals that’s recently become very fashionable in gyms. It allows you to practice different types of exercises and dances while you’re bouncing on it.

It’s fun, helps you burn lots of calories, and also helps prevent joint injuries.

  • You can use it in the gym or even in your own home, since they’re not very expensive.
  • Simply put on some of your favourite music and dedicate 5, 10, or 15 minutes a day to it. You’ll begin sweating within just a few minutes.

5. Stair climbing

Stair climbing

For people who don’t have time to go to the gym or who maybe simply don’t like it, climbing stairs can be a great alternative for burning calories and getting into shape. However, you need to dedicate at least 15 minutes to it per day.

You can combine it with climbing and descending exercises, since they each use different muscles. Don’t do it if you’re carrying too much weight, though, or if you’re not wearing inappropriate footwear.

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