Things to Consider for the First Time at the Spa

The first time at the spa can be a cause for stress, even though it's supposed to be a place to relax. However, knowing this experience will improve your physical and emotional health will make it easier.
Things to Consider for the First Time at the Spa

Last update: 03 May, 2021

Today’s article will discuss what you should consider for your first time at the spa. These places offer treatments, therapies, and activities and the purpose is to help you relax. They’re quite popular due to the positive side effects they have on your everyday life full of stress.

The word “spa” comes from the name of a Belgian town well known for its thermal waters since Roman times.

Will this be your first time at the spa?

Then you might want to continue reading this article. This is because it contains some tips to make this experience enjoyable by meeting all your expectations.

First, there are many reasons to give yourself a getaway to the nearest local center. The main one is to feel better both physically and mentally.

Let’s take a look!

Reasons to visit a spa for the first time

You already have a valid reason to go to a spa if stress is affecting your health. Nevertheless, you may still don’t know much about these places and their benefits. Thus, the following may convince you to schedule an appointment right now. Time spent on yourself is never wasted!

Improves mental health

Stress is one of the diseases that afflict people the most nowadays due to the constant hustle and bustle of everyday life. The fatal consequences of high levels of anxiety aren’t a secret to anyone.

You can spend some time forgetting everything around you, while you pamper and relax in the spa. Focus your energies on your body and you’ll see the changes.

Optimize physical health

According to a wellness spa, the various therapies and treatments offered in these places allow you to optimize muscle relaxation. This reduces back, neck, and limb pain.

Help with skin problems

As if that weren’t enough reason to go to a spa, doing so will also improve your physical appearance. All the techniques used in these places improve your interior, but also help improve your complexion.

This is because you can receive treatments such as:

  • Deep exfoliation
  • Facial cleansing
  • Hand and feet hydration
  • Carboxytherapy
  • Radiofrequency
  • Ozone therapy
  • Ultra cavitation

In addition to relaxing, you’ll soon realize these spa treatments will be the first of many you’ll have in the future. In fact, this kind of pampering will improve your self-esteem.

A person at a spa.
Some spas offer cavitation and ultra-cavitation treatments in conjunction with other aesthetic beauty approaches.

Consider this on your first time at the spa

Ok so this is your first time at the spa and you don’t know what you should do before you get there. No worries, just follow the advice of experts in the field. For example, Janet Brice, content director of The Spa Traveller, advises that you always review the treatments offered at the place where you’re going and select the one that suits your needs.

Pregnancy or underlying illnesses

You shouldn’t go to a spa if you’re pregnant but if you must then run it by your gynecologist beforehand. Similarly, underlying diseases such as cardiovascular problems or fever also pose a risk.

In any of these cases, we recommend you ask the spa about any contraindications for the treatments they offer.

Total disconnection

Are you willing to disconnect from the world during your first time at the spa? That’s actually one of the points. You won’t achieve the relaxing effect of the techniques or treatments offered there.

This is why you must turn off your phone, forget about the clock and concentrate on enjoying the experience. Enjoying some time just for yourself will improve both your physical and emotional health.

Don’t wear jewelry

Leave at home any jewelry or accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. The customer service desk probably has a place to keep them safe while you go in if you forget to take anything off at home.

We recommend you tie up long hair as it’ll facilitate the correct application and technique of the treatments you’re going to have. As an extra tip, don’t go to the spa right after eating, at least the first time.

Wear comfortable clothes

Ok, so how should you dress at a spa? Well, the correct answer is comfortable clothing. Note that you might have to remove all of your clothing. This is because it’s a mandatory requirement for some types of treatments so it’ll depend on the one you’ve signed up for.

As you can see, you must be comfortable; not only for you but also for the person who’s going to attend to you. Wear rubber sandals or slippers as these are more practical to remove if you need to.


You must be on time for your scheduled appointment as any delay would pose a problem in their agenda.

Try to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to guarantee your place and also that of others. You can take a quick shower beforehand to be better prepared if you wish.

Things to bring along to your first time at the spa

Most spas offer implements such as towels, disinfectant gels, and shampoo but you might want to bring your toiletry bag for your own convenience if this is your first time.

Some spas recommend bringing items that’ll help you achieve the maximum level of relaxation, such as your favorite book. Just bring anything personal you might need for grooming.

Here’s a list of things you must have in your toiletry bag:

  • A microfiber towel, this material dries much faster and doesn’t get too wet
  • Swimsuits aren’t mandatory but you can wear them at the spa if you like
  • A shower cap or a ponytail if you don’t want to damage your hair. Some spas offer disposable hats but bring yours if you feel more comfortable
  • Bring your own flip-flops, make sure they’re made of a non-slip material that doesn’t absorb water
  • A change of clothes will help you avoid having to put on clothes over your wet clothes
  • Finally, bring personal items such as deodorant, shampoo, cosmetics, makeup, and lotions
Two makeup bags.
Bring a toiletry bag with the basics to the spa.

The first time at the spa must be enjoyable

After your first time at the spa, you’ll realize many other people are likely visiting on the same day as you, so be respectful with them, the staff, and the facilities.

Maintain an appropriate tone of voice, rinse before entering the common areas, and be discreet in the changing area. These are all essential rules for a satisfactory experience.

Wait for the therapists’ indications about every treatment you’re undergoing and mention any skin lesions or sensitive areas. Most importantly, just relax and make the most of the advantages this kind of place has to offer.

Finally, try not to be shy or ashamed – you are in the hands of trained professionals used to and willing to work with all kinds of people and take good care of them. Thus, enjoy the experience!

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