The Vegetarian Diet: A Guide for Beginners

A vegetarian diet is one that focuses on eating only plant-based foods. In this article, discover a vegetarian diet guide.
The Vegetarian Diet: A Guide for Beginners

Last update: 23 April, 2020

A vegetarian diet is one that focuses on eating only plant-based foods. In this article, discover a guide to the vegetarian diet for beginners.

What is the vegetarian diet?

Basically, a vegetarian diet that involves eating only plant-based foods. This includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, and fresh and dry grains. A sub-category of the vegetarian diet is the vegan diet, which is a stricter diet that excludes any foods that come from animals.

Many people decide to be vegetarians due to the great benefits that this diet has for your health. Others decide to do it out of empathy and solidarity with animals or to lessen their impact on the environment.

However, starting a vegetarian diet can be complicated. It’s important to eat a wide variety of foods to make sure you are getting all the necessary nutrients from your diet.

Below, we’ll show you a guide for a vegetarian diet for beginners.

A guide for beginners for a vegetarian diet

Start little by little

vegetarian diet
A sudden start could cause anxiety and health problems, which is why it’s better to change your diet progressively.

It may be difficult to stop eating meat, fish, chicken, and other animal products altogether. Because of this, you should make the transition little by little. Changing any habit is hard at the start. It’s important to respect your own pace. Every day that goes by will make things easier.

A good way to make this change is to start with a partial change. For example, try a vegetarian diet two or three days a week, or just part of a day. However, if you want to make a radical change from the start, that’s also possible. Everything depends on what works best for you.

However, if you are doing it all at once, it’s important to be patient with yourself and not feel guilty if you don’t always follow the rules. Remember, no one is perfect, and it’s always possible to start over.

Social environment

Many times, people who decide to start a vegetarian diet are questioned by their family and friends. That’s why it’s important to explain your reasons with enthusiasm and happiness and tell them how good you feel.

When you start this diet, you don’t have to try to convert everyone else. That will only cause conflict and hostility.

When you accept an invitation, the best thing is to make things as easy as possible. You should avoid making your new lifestyle a problem for the people who are going to make the food.

A good way to start this diet is with something that can substitute for animal protein. For example, there are vegetarian hamburgers and other plant-based “meats.”

Shopping at the grocery store

grocery store
Don’t restrict yourself to just fruits and vegetables. Currently, there are a ton of vegetarian options at stores.

When you’re first starting your vegetarian diet, grocery store trips will probably be a little more of a challenge. However, many of your favorite foods don’t have to have chicken, meat, or fish.

Your purchases to fill your new pantry don’t have to be just fruits and vegetables. Bread, pasta, rice, crackers, cookies, and potato chips are all excellent options to make a delicious meal.

Other ingredients that you shouldn’t forget about as a new vegetarian are nuts, dried fruits, and granola. You can also get dairy products and eggs if you didn’t choose a vegan diet. Legumes or canned soups are also great allies since they allow you to have delicious and nutritious food on hand. Additionally, they make preparing food easier, which is a big help when you are transitioning diets.

There are also delicious plant-based options that you can substitute for meats. They are foods without animal cruelty, and very easy to prepare. For example, vegetarian chicken nuggets, vegetarian sausage, egg-based foods, and meatless hamburgers, among others.

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Make sure to eat a balanced diet

To be sure that your vegetarian diet is providing your body with all the nutrients it needs to work properly, you just need to follow a few recommendations. The first is to eat a wide variety of foods of all colors of the rainbow. 

On the other hand, if your new diet leaves you tired and without energy, it could be because you’re not eating enough calories or protein. It’s not enough to just eat fruit and vegetables, you also need to eat nuts, beans, lentils, and healthy oils.

All of that said, following a vegetarian diet can also have some possible risks that you should know about. Talk to a nutrition specialist or your doctor if you have any doubts before starting your vegetarian diet.

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