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The Reasons Why Sexual Desire Increases during the Summer

In general, the sun and heat boost the production and secretion of hormones involved in sexual desire. Do you want to know more? In this article, we'll tell you why sexual desire increases during the summer.
The Reasons Why Sexual Desire Increases during the Summer

Last update: 19 December, 2019

In this article, we’re going to share the reasons why sexual desire increases during the summer.

Summer boosts libido for various reasons that we’ve divided into two main groups: social-occupational and physiological.

Social-occupational factors that boost sexual desire during the summer

Many social-occupational factors can boost sexual desire during the summer. For example, during the summer, most people have more free time and fewer work obligations. In turn, this leads to improved personal relationships and more meeting opportunities. Other factors include:

  • Since people travel more during the summer, this leads them to possibly meet people that awaken their sexual desire.
  • The incentive of being outside our usual environment makes people more daring and determined, with fewer inhibitions and prejudices.
  • During the summer, there are many concerts and beach parties and many other environments that constitute the perfect opportunities to boost sex drive.
  • More flexible schedules allow people to relax since they don’t have to think about their alarm clocks, which allows them to prolong their nights, letting their desire reign free.
  • People wear more revealing clothes during the summer, exposing body parts that remain hidden during other times of the year.
A couple swimming in a pool.

Free time, social gatherings, and even summer clothing can cause people’s sex drives to increase during the summer.

Physiological factors

Bodily functions are mostly regulated, influenced, or modulated by our endocrine system through hormones. The same goes for sexual desire.

In general, the sun and heat boost the production and secretion of hormones involved in sex drive, which is why it increases during the summer.

The sun’s rays are able to generate up to 90% of the body’s vitamin D. As noted by a study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology, men who have sufficient amounts of this vitamin have higher levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone.

Other physiological factors include:

  • In women, estrogen and progesterone increase during ovulation, leading to boosted sexual desire and a higher probability that they’ll have sex. Something similar happens under the influence of heat and sunlight.
  • The “happiness hormone”, or serotonin, levels increase. Another influencing factor, in addition to the sun and heat, is the fact that people do more exercise during the summer.
  • Pheromones, which influence sex drive, are also more active in the summer.
  • During the summer, oxytocin and endorphins increase due to exercise, the sun, and heat.
  • The fact that there are more daylight hours makes melatonin levels (the hormone that regulates sleep-wakefulness cycles) decline, and, apparently, this also contributes to boosted sexual desire in the summer.
  • Professionals consider external heat the fuel of libido because it favors the production of the internal heat that, in turn, produces desire.
A naked couple in bed.

According to some studies, sunlight, and its ability to generate vitamin D in the body, is one of the reasons why sexual desire increases during the summer.

Desire from within

Sexual desire activates brain neural areas that turn off after it’s been satisfied. The limbic system is in charge of activating and inhibiting sexual desire. In turn, the limbic system is regulated by the hypothalamus, and it works to the fullest during the days with more hours of sunlight, like the summer.

The hypothalamus is also responsible for controlling emotions, cardiac frequency, and blood pressure. These brain areas regulate the emotional effects of the situations people experience and can also influence sex drive.

It can arise spontaneously and unintentionally due to an external stimulus or, by contrast, be awakened by our imagination and fantasies.

Sexual desire in women and men

Sexual desire is triggered by different stimuli in men and women. Every man and woman is unique and, therefore, different things can stimulate them. However, there are some gender-dependent issues that must be taken into account.

Sexual desire in women

Sexual desire in women is a lot more complex and, above all, much more nuanced. It’s built on the fly, through internal stimuli, such as fantasies, or external stimuli, such as touching or kissing.

The sense of hearing seems to play an important role. Sexual desire gets its stimulation from words, whispers, and gasps. A woman’s mood also significantly influences it. Stress and exhaustion make it harder for a woman to feel sexual desire.

Sexual desire in men

In men, visual stimuli, as well as imagination and sexual fantasies, are much more important. Sexual desire in men usually manifests before a sexual encounter. Therefore, it starts at a higher level of arousal.

People often relate desire and erection, the latter being the factor that a man maintains until ejaculation.

These are some of the reasons why sexual desire increases during the summer: higher temperatures and more hours of sunlight influence the synthesis of hormones and mediators, boost mood, and make people more likely to have summer flings.

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