The Proofs of Love: How solid is your relationship?

The Proofs of Love: How solid is your relationship?

Last update: 23 November, 2018

Wooing your partner every day and caring about how they feel are two proofs of love and ways to keep your relationship alive and well.

In the honeymoon phase, your love is crazy. It’s all euphoria and passion… However, when this phase ends and you’re at the threshold of mature love, you should know that there are certain “proofs of love” that should be present if the relationship has a future.

Everyone has predicted another couple’s breakup before, because things are much easier to see clearly from the right perspective. However, when it’s your own relationship, you get rather blind and lost. So check out the proofs of love below and find out how solid your relationship actually is.

How is communication going?

A couple arguing, one of the proofs of love.

The foundation of any relationship is communication. However, even in today’s monogamous relationships, there is often a lack of interaction. We can’t emphasize it enough; it is one of the most vital proofs of love that exists.

After all, without communication, there is no trust. We’re talking about sincere communication, not communication like the examples below:

  • Saying yes to things that will actually be a no when the time comes, like having children or getting married.
  • Being attracted to other people to such a point that if given the opportunity you would be unfaithful — but not communicating this to your partner.
  • Hoping your partner will change certain things about themselves, without telling them. Expecting them to read your mind and realize it on their own.

These are just a few examples of very poor communication. When the moment of truth comes, they may cause serious problems. There’s no need to be afraid to communicate with your partner. However, it’s normal to be afraid of it because many people’s role models were not good at it either.

It’s all about the little things

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One of the biggest proofs of love has to do with the little things. Some people find it really hard to be affectionate in public. They’ll pull away from a kiss, stop you from hugging them, and might not even let you touch them.

However, their eyes may speak volumes. Maybe they call you on their lunch break just to tell you they’re thinking of you or send you a flirty text. Do they go grocery shopping and bring you home some chocolates or your favorite flowers every once in awhile?

There are so many little ways to show that you love someone. Without them, the magic disappears and love run dries. Eventually, it will die.

Relationships don’t have to be work all the time, but sometimes you get comfortable and subconsciously think that you already won them over, so why do those little things matter anymore? The truth is that you should win them over every day. After all, nothing is certain. You have to take care of your relationships.

Worrying about them

A couple supporting each other.

This is the last of our proofs of love, and we’re not just talking about asking your partner how work went or how the kids are. It means asking about how they feel.

When you really love someone, you care about their feelings. You want them to be well and feel well, and if they aren’t, you offer a listening ear and let them at least vent.

However, you may get selfish sometimes and get so caught up in your own stuff that you forget to worry about your partner. You fall into boring conversations about work, schedules, family… But what about their feelings?

A solid relationship isn’t solid just because there’s love. Love isn’t enough; it’s a feeling that you have to nourish with communication, listening, attention, and honesty. It really is about the little things. If you want a solid foundation and a healthy relationship, it’s worth the effort.

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