The Keys to Workouts and Diet for an Endomorph Body

The endomorph body is one of the various body types. Today's article contains some recommendations to keep this body type in shape.
The Keys to Workouts and Diet for an Endomorph Body

Last update: 13 October, 2021

We often categorize people according to the shape of their physique, and the endomorph body is one of the types. There are specific characteristics that differentiate it from the ectomorph and mesomorph bodies.

Stick around for some workouts and diets to follow so as to stay in shape if you have this type of body.

What does an endomorph body look like?

People with an endomorph body have a tendency to put on weight due to fat. They also tend to have difficulty building muscle mass.

Some of their typical characteristics are as follows:

  • Shorter legs and arms
  • Little musculature and areas with high accumulation of fat
  • Wide, large, and somewhat heavier bones
  • A wide waist and hips, especially women
  • Finally, a rounded face and head

What happens is these bodies tend to preserve in an evolutionary way, which was always an advantage during times of food shortage. The slow metabolism and ability to store and generate fat deposits gave people with this body type a better chance of survival.

Today, however, most world diets are full of processed and carbohydrate-rich foods so having this body type is no longer an advantage. Furthermore, endomorphs tend to accumulate all the excess food in the form of fat deposits.

They do have some positive qualities though. These types of bodies have some difficulty gaining muscle mass. Nevertheless, they maintain the muscle once they generate it. This is because, given their tendency to accumulate fat, they don’t need to draw on muscle reserves.

A thick woman.

Training the endomorphic body

A sedentary lifestyle is neither recommended nor healthy for any of the body types. Moreover, this is more accentuated in the case of endomorphs due to their slow metabolism and ease of storing fat. This is why diet and exercise are of utmost importance to these people.

You probably already know that people with this body type have a tendency to obesity, especially without a healthy lifestyle. Not only that but all the health problems derived from a sedentary lifestyle, such as cardiovascular problems or diabetes, will appear.

The important thing for endomorphic bodies is to activate the metabolism and try to keep it from returning to its natural slow pace. They can do it by exercising and building muscle mass.

Muscles consume much more energy than fat reserves. Therefore, the more muscle mass a body has, the more energy its basal metabolism will expend and the less likely it is to store fat.

To this end, professionals recommend functional exercises combining strength and cardiovascular work. This is to work the cardiopulmonary system and burn calories while generating muscle mass to keep the metabolism somewhat accelerated.

Some of these workouts can be high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routines or Tabata sessions, for example. Specialists also advise combining these sessions with weight-bearing muscle workouts to boost strength a little more.

Several forks with fruit and vegetables.

As we mentioned above, the endomorph body was designed to survive in times of scarcity. Thus, the greater the calorie deficit, the more it’ll activate its reserve mechanism. This means it’ll slow down its metabolism as much as possible and store as much fat as possible.

Therefore, diets that highly restrict calories will only lead to the storage of whatever these people eat. The good news is proteins and fats are more satiating than carbohydrates and perfect for this type of body type. Hence, they must eat a diet low in carbs and based on proteins and healthy fats.

In addition, endomorph bodies don’t benefit from many meals a day or prolonged fasting. Ideally, they must have two or three meals a day with few sugars and rich in proteins. Of course, the diet must be wholesome and well-balanced in terms of food and proportions.

It’s possible to keep the endomorph body in check

Indeed, the tendency is for fat accumulation and low muscle mass is no excuse for endomorph bodies to give up and walk away from a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a balanced diet, low in carbohydrates and richer in protein, will keep unwanted fat accumulation at bay.

Of course, following a balanced diet isn’t enough. Exercise is always necessary and thus recommended. In this case, you must prioritize strength exercises that’ll enhance muscle gain and that you can combine with aerobic exercises that’ll burn stored calories.

Following these recommendations is one of the best ways to keep an endomorph body from becoming a health problem. So don’t give up!

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