The Importance of Summer Skin Care for Children

23 September, 2019
Summer skin care for children is important for many reasons. Discover some of them in this article!

Does children’s skin require special care during the summer? When it comes to summer skincare for children, the answer is clear: it’s very important!

As skin expert Anna Codina (2003) states:

“The thickness of the epidermis and the lipid composition of children and babies don’t vary significantly from that of adults. However, the epidermis of premature babies is markedly thinner and has an underdeveloped corneal layer.”

Overall, that means that babies’ skin is thinner. That’s why skincare for premature babies is extremely important. However, it’s also important that the products you use are healthy for children’s skin.

Summer skin care for children

It’s important to be careful when it comes to applying topical products on children’s skin.

When it comes to babies and children, Codina also points out that their epidermis acts as a protective barrier. However, there are differences regarding the development of both the epidermis and the dermis, since it’s not complete at birth. The skin begins a process of maturation and post-natal adaptation. Gradually, it starts becoming more and more like adult skin.

Thus, Anna Codina states that: “It’s essential to take special care when applying topical agents on children’s skin, because there’s a bigger difference between body surface in children than in adults, meaning there’s an increased risk of percutaneous absorption.”

Therefore, it’s important to use gentle products that are made for children and to apply them gently.

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Sun-related concerns and summer skincare

Precautions should be taken before sunbathing.

It’s crucial to protect children from sunlight first with the right clothes (caps, T-shirts, among others) and then with protective creams (such as sunscreen).

It’s essential to remember that, during childhood and adolescence, we receive more than half of the ultraviolet radiation we’ll receive throughout our entire lives, which may end up causing skin cancer.

Our intention isn’t to scare you, but to urge you to take steps to ensure that enjoying a nice swim in the pool or walk on the beach doesn’t damage your health.

This is why applying sunscreen on your children before sunbathing is extremely important.

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New developments

A mother applying sunscreen on her son's back.

Understanding the role of cutaneous microbiota and its relationship with skin diseases could be the key to better treatments.

According to the Biocodex Microbiota Institute, The skin is composed of and covered with hundreds of species of living microorganisms…the cutaneous microbiota. A disruption in this equilibrium can result in skin disease.”

This institute also mentioned that cutaneous microbiota plays a defensive role, acts as a cutaneous barrier, and acts as a regulator for the immune system. Thus, cutaneous microbiota evolves progressively and varies from one individual to the next, depending on different factors.

A cutaneous microbiota imbalance is linked dermatological diseases like acne, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Understanding the cutaneous microbiota’s involvement in the mechanisms that cause certain skin diseases may lead to better treatment.

Use the right summer skincare

  • Children’s skin requires special care, especially during the summer.
  • While premature babies are more sensitive, children also require extra care until their skin gradually develops.
  • Sun protection is essential, although the skin gradually becomes stronger during childhood and adolescence.
  • It’s important to be attentive to skin microbiota studies that can shed more light on the issue.
  • Finally, the most important thing regarding summer skincare for children is prevention!

Did you know how important summer skincare for children is?

Make sure your child follows a skincare routine during the summer. This way, you’ll keep them protected while they enjoy this wonderful time of year!