The Best Home Is Where Everyone Feels Loved and Respected

· December 7, 2016
It’s wise to make all members of our household to feel confident and free. This allows them the ability to express their thoughts and emotions. And it’s even better when they aren’t afraid of being judged.

A home is a space where many kinds of dynamics take place. Among these dynamics, the most helpful are respect, reciprocity, and emotional intelligence.

Using these dynamics correctly helps to build happy and meaningful bonds.

There is something that happens to each household that is as interesting as it is certain. As Virginia Woolf noted in one of her personal diaries: “A house is like a fortress. Once you close the doors and windows, no one knows what takes place inside.”

This image is both peaceful and disturbing at the same time.

Now, we all know a household where the dynamics aren’t as good. Sometimes, the dynamics make family members unhappy. That being said, it is necessary to promote a healthier, more intuitive kind of “energy” at home.

This will allow love to be a major part of the home.

In this house, we respect and care for everyone

A home can be shaped by many different bonds. These can be the couple, children, siblings, and, from time to time, older generations such as grandparents.

It is never easy to bring everyone together. There are different dynamics, interests, and personal needs. At the same time, there is also a difference in power. This power comes from the need to protect, discipline, and strengthen family bonds.

The way we carry out our roles determines the atmosphere. We can create homes where there is a feeling of well-being and happiness. Or, on the other hand, our homes can be a place where individuals can’t grow as they should.


Here we accept all opinions

There is also something that is always difficult for each family. This is getting to the point where everyone respects each other’s opinions, thoughts, and decisions.

  • Problems appear the moment someone wants to impose their values on everyone else. This is especially true when they start to veto anything different from their standard.
  • A respectful home is one that listens to all opinions and freedom to speak exists. This is a house where give and take is a reality for everyone. And all can speak freely there.

This doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree. It’s enough for everyone to listen, respect, and have confidence in each other.

In this house, we rely on and take care of everyone

In a family, there shouldn’t be differences. Everyone should be regarded the same way. Each individual is the way they are, and they think what they think.

There shouldn’t be differences in the way we discipline our children. We also need to avoid using stereotypes with them.

  • We need to avoid a common mistake when we have multiple children. We should not make distinctions according to age. This demands responsibility from elder children. But at the same time, allows permissiveness for younger children because they were born last. This is not right.
  • We need to discipline with equality. But, while attending to their individual needs.


In our home, we say what we feel

In a happy home, there is freedom of expression. There is also respect for all members of the family. This also promotes an adequate emotional freedom and a healthy assertiveness. That way, we can all say what bothers us when something bothers us.

  • There are homes in which there’s never a good time to talk.
  • Sometimes, the reason we don’t talk to each other is because of a lack of time. But more often it’s because we’re afraid of our words constantly being judged.
  • These kinds of invisible “vetos” encourage everyone to stay away. For instance, as time goes on, our children will choose to stay in their homes.

Little by little, almost without us noticing, their method of communication will change. Their computer or cell phone will be their major connection to people outside the family unit. This will quickly turn into a problem.

  • In a respectful house, everyone should feel comfortable talking about their emotions

It’s true that we don’t talk enough about public displays of affection, such as hugs. And we all know that these shows of affection aren’t comfortable for most of our children.

  • So don’t worry if they aren’t as loving as before. The most important thing is that they show you an emotional closeness. This can be by expressing to you their thoughts and worries.


The best house isn’t one where there are all kinds of luxuries. They aren’t even large ones with beautiful gardens.

The best home is one where love and respect are present for everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tree house, a caravan, or even a tiny apartment.