The Best Hairstyles for Each Face Shape

· December 11, 2016
A good haircut is a change we can make to our image to reflect a different and fresh style.

However, one thing that few consider is that their face shape is one of the keys to making their new hairstyle look spectacular.

While some designers know how to do their job well, sometimes we’re the ones who make bad choices. This is why we may not feel be happy with our new hairstyle, even if the hairstylist did a good job.

Fortunately, there are some simple tricks, based on our facial features, to help us decide which hairstyle would better suit us.

In professional terms this is known as visagism, a technique developed by the Frenchman Claude Juillard to thoroughly analyze the shapes and lines of the face in order to better adapt each person’s hairstyle.

Round face
Rostro redondo

Round faces are characterized by having a small chin, a round outline and round cheeks.

Because of this, the perfect hairstyle will aim to make the face look thinner and longer.

To achieve this you can add volume to the top of the hairstyle, and shorten the sides or choose side-swept bangs.

Don’t cut at your hair at jaw height because this will make your face look more round.

If you choose a short style, it’s best to try to increase the length of the contours close to your ears.

When wearing your hair up, you should always leave out a few strands from the sides to give your face an elongated appearance.

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Oval Face
Rostro ovalado

Considered as the beauty canon because of the dimensions that characterize it, the oval face has the advantage of being adaptable to most styles.

If you have an oval face then your forehead is slightly wider than your chin and, along with the jaws and cheekbones, almost form a circle .

One key factor that must be taken into account if you have an oval face is that your fringe shouldn’t be too long and straight because it can shorten the length of your face.

Wearing your hair with a center part and a little bit of volume is perfect for a natural, minimalist and casual style.

The most daring individuals can opt for a mohawk.

Square face

Rostro cuadrado

In addition to having a square outline and jaw, this type of face is wider and reflects a feeling of hardness.

To create an oval shape you can use round brushes and tweezers that give your face a softer look, and which also create a voluminous effect.

Women who have long hair may choose to have tufts or curls on the sides of their hairstyle to cover the angled area.

We recommend having your hair at shoulder length or a little shorter if you have a square face. We don’t recommend hairstyles that end on the jaw line because it will make your face look wider.

The most appropriate look is to maintain an asymmetrical style. For instance, you could have a hairstyle where one side is longer than the other and could finish this look off with broad bangs.

Long Face

Rostro alargado

Women whose face is elongated can choose a natural look that allows them to achieve the effect of having a wider face.

This type of face is usually thin and doesn’t have too many angles. Therefore,  you can balance it by using a fringe and a haircut that doesn’t exceed the shoulders.

In this case you shouldn’t keep your hair glued to the face, because it will look thinner and longer. Instead we advise layers, curls or waves.

Styles with long layers will decrease the length of the oval shape and give it volume on both sides.

If your hair is not curly, a good option is a look that is never shorter than your jaw.

Heart Face

Rostro “corazón”

The heart or diamond shape has a triangular form. This is because those with a heart shaped face have a wide forehead, and a face that gets thinner towards the chin.

You should opt for a hairstyle with side-swept bangs if you have this face shape, since your main objective is to hide the width of the forehead.

Long layers that start below the cheekbones and middle or side parts also suit this face shape.

Furthermore, if your face is heart shaped then you should avoid short hairstyles that are longer than your jaw. This is because they will make the top of your face look wide.

Of course, these are just some of the recommendations for each face shape out of the many hairstyles that exist.

Try to ask your stylist for advice on which style best suits your face outline, forehead and chin.