The Anti-carcinogenic Properties of Chocolate

The Anti-carcinogenic Properties of Chocolate

Last update: 09 November, 2018

Chocolate is a food that has the ability to help prevent stress and improve your well-being by producing endorphins.

It’s a delicious, nutritious, and even the most popular dessert on the planet. So continue reading to see what the anti-carcinogenic properties are in chocolate.

Likewise, it’s good to mention that chocolate has beneficial properties that are good for your health. In contrary to what many may think, chocolate has useful components to prevent cancer. This peculiar trait comes from its main component: cacao, which is explained below.

Cacao and its Powerful Antioxidants


Since it is composed of mainly cacao, chocolate has four antioxidants, and all of them are good for protecting your immune system:

  1. Catechins
  2. Flavonoids
  3. Procyanidins
  4. Resveratrol

It’s worth mentioning that all of these substances are important to protect the cells of the human body. Additionally, you should remember that cancer is mainly a cellular disease.The key to all of these antioxidants is how they fight against free radicals.

What Are Free Radicals?

Cells and atoms that are related to each other in every chemical process compose your body. For this reason, when an atom forms a weak link, it becomes a free radical. Basically, the problem with free radicals is that they speed up oxidation and aging in general. In other words, free radicals cause your body to deteriorate.

Therefore, free radicals speed up the deterioration of the cardiovascular system and cause ischemia. Likewise, they can cause cancer to appear. Some types of cancer such as esophageal and mouth cancer could quickly appear due to the effect of free radicals. This type of atoms damage and destroy denominations.

Chocolate to Rescue Your Cells and Defenses


This is where the antioxidants in cacao come into play. These substances protect the body against free radicals, especially the body’s cells from their devastating effects.

The immune system strengthens from chocolate. Therefore, it prevents cell and organ aging within the body’s systems. Also, the anti-carcinogenic properties of chocolate convert this food into a protective shield due to the thickness of your cellular composition.

Epicatechin and its Powerful Anti-carcinogenic Effect

Epicatechin is another very powerful antioxidant that helps reverse cancer. Therefore, specialists think that this molecule is capable of counteracting the cancerous cells that are in the body. If there is any food that’s rich in epicatechin, it’s definitely cacao. Thus, in reality, these anti-carcinogenic properties are also found in chocolate.

Dark Chocolate is Much Richer in Antioxidants

In general, commercial chocolates can maintain the high grade of antioxidants in cacao seeds. However, the majority of these products go through purification processes and manufacturing, causing it to lose a lot of its beneficial substances. Dark chocolate is a rich source of catechins, flavonoids, procyanidins, and of course, epicatechin.

Certainly, while the final natural product is dark, it’ll still have its antioxidants which are high in quantity and quality. Among all of the possible choices, the best option to consume is ground cacao.

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The Anti-carcinogenic Properties in Chocolate Aren’t the Same as Medicine

Although the anti-carcinogenic properties of chocolate are proven to be healthy, this doesn’t mean you can eat this desert as if it were a powerful medication. Consuming it modestly helps in the prevention and treatment of this disease. However, you should avoid all of the extra stuff in chocolate. Normally they contain lots of sugar, and too much sugar is unhealthy.

Although it is good for you, this food product is not capable of replacing medical treatments to fight against cancer. It’s a good idea to not eat too much chocolate. The next time you go to the store, be sure to choose quality chocolate with the highest percentage of cacao without any added sugars. The good thing is that now you know that this delicious food is really healthy.