The 8 Best Tips To Simplify Domestic Tasks

Domestic tasks are something we all prefer to avoid. However, we can make them easier and simpler by just applying a few basic habits and tricks in our daily lives.
The 8 Best Tips To Simplify Domestic Tasks

Last update: 19 December, 2019

 If you’re one of those people who can’t and doesn’t want to dedicate whole afternoons to keeping up your home, take a look at these recommendations to simplify domestic tasks.

The good news is that there are secrets to everything. And when it comes to a task as large and broad as maintaining a clean and tidy home, even more so.

So, in this article we’re going to share some tricks that will be of great help to you to simplify your domestic tasks. While it is true that they won’t solve the whole problem, they will save you a big proportion of this work that you most likely detest and that steals time out of your week.

10 tricks to simplify household tasks

1. Use boxes and drawers to keep things tidy

It is a great truth that mess doesn’t bother us so much when it’s out of sight. So, use chests of drawers and trunks around your house to hide the things that you only use occasionally.

We’re talking about toys, notebooks from college, university or work, books and old magazines, shoes, etc. The key is to avoid leaving things around with the excuse of “I’ll put it away later”. Rather, put things away until you need them or until you have time to organize everything properly.

2. Try not to leave clothes lying around

Arriving home and finding items of clothing all over the place is truly detestable. You can avoid this by taking a few seconds to fold that blouse, hang up your jacket on its stand and put your trousers in their drawer.

Yes, it’s true that we’re not always in the mood to do so, however, in the long run this becomes a habit which is worth gold for the harmony it creates in your home.

Try not to leave clothes lying around

3. Organize your washing

To avoid mountains of dirty clothes, establish some kind of calendar for doing your washing. For example, you could wash every three days, alternating whites and colors, or delicates and normal clothes. The key is in regularity to prevent all the work accumulating on one day.

4. Wash your dishes daily

There is no more discouraging sight than all the dishes piled up in the sink. The best alternative to avoid this is to do the washing up as soon as you finish eating.

Again, we know that sometimes you don’t have time or you’re just not in the mood to do it, but it does end up being a better deal: it’s preferable to wash a little every day rather than having to wash a huge pile of things at once.

5. Sweep a little every day

Cleaning is a task that we can easily spread out over time. That is to say, rather than leaving everything “to the weekend” and then spending your free time scrubbing away, do a little bit every day.

For example: spend 15 minutes one day cleaning the bathroom, even if just superficially. The next day, do a bit in the kitchen, and the next, the bedroom. This way, you’ll be fully able to enjoy your days off without lots of work building up, because you’ll only need to do deep cleans from time to time.

6. Keep the bathroom ventilated

When it comes to simplifying the domestic tasks in the bathroom, there are two secrets. The first one is to ventilate the bathroom well after each shower, and so prevent mold forming due to damp.

The second is to consider swapping conventional soap for shower gel. This way, the soap compounds won’t stick to the tiles and floor.

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7. Avoid ironing by hanging your clothes well

An essential way of preventing your clothes from getting very creased when you wash them is to take them out of the washing machine as soon as the program finishes. Also, hanging them well is essential.

So, try to hang your blouses from the bottom, without folding them; hang your trousers from the waist, inside out, so the pockets dry well. You can hang your socks any way round.

Simplify Domestic Tasks

8. Make use of baking soda, vinegar and lemon

Instead of having to go out to buy cleaning products – and spending a fortune on them – it is preferable to clean the classic way: with cooking ingredients. You’ll be surprised to discover how effective ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and lemon are for cleaning taps, surfaces, pans, and even the oven, which tends to cause us so many problems.

These tricks to simplify domestic tasks are aimed at making these jobs easier, not getting rid of them completely. Although they may seem tedious, the truth is that they require very little effort. The results, on the other hand, will have a big impact on your comfort and enjoyment of your free time.

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