The 7 Most Popular (And Fake!) Sex Myths

Although many of these sex myths are rooted in the past, some people still believe in them, and this can have a negative toll on their sex life
The 7 Most Popular (And Fake!) Sex Myths

Last update: 16 January, 2019

There is an infinite number of myths in the world of sexuality, both for men and women. The first thing you should bear in mind is that sex myths are just widespread stories that are usually not true.

Everyone needs to know at least a bit about sexual intercourse. However, many myths lead to a lack of knowledge and misinformation, which in turn may lead to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex plays an important role in our lives. The most common and frequent sex questions relate to how to feel more pleasure, practicing safe sex, and what to do in cases of emergency.

We made a list of the most common and fake sex myths. It’s about time you stop believing in them!

7 Common (And Fake) Sex Myths

  1. “Men with big feet have big penises”

    woman with measuring tape trying to measure a man's penis

This myth refers to men with big feet. It has long been rumored that these men have big penises due to their big feet. This is so not true!

A man’s morphology has nothing to do with the size of his penis. In fact, there are men of medium or small statures that may surprise you.

Therefore, this myth is totally bogus. Don’t believe it!

  1. “Intercourse is the most important thing”

    Strange Things That Can Happen After Sex

This is another myth that is relevant to many women and men. To have sex, you don’t have to have intercourse.

There are many ways to have sex without the need for penetration, although this is a bit more subjective for each person.

There’s anal or oral sex, masturbation, and even phone sex. You have a lot of options for pleasuring both yourself and your partner.

Creativity is the key to keeping the flame alive.

  1. “Men always think about sex”

    men always think about sex

This is partly true, but not entirely.

Men think and express their sexuality in a much more open way than women. This doesn’t mean that women don’t think about sex. Actually, they think of it just as often as men do.

The thing is that our society frowns upon women making sexual comments or speaking freely about the subject.

Even though there’s been a lot of progress on the subject, this is still a taboo.

  1. “Sexual fantasies are for sluts”

    Sex and Friendship

You should never think this! There is nothing more exciting for a couple than fulfilling their fantasies … Even the darkest ones, for those who dare.

These fantasies increase and stimulate your partner’s libido, makes you feel less restrained, and thus helps you enjoy sex a lot more and feel the most pleasure.

The most important thing in a relationship is communication. That way, both partners will feel sexually satisfied.

  1. “The man always has to take the initiative”

    Ovarian Cysts

This is completely false and is a sexist thought that still exists in many cultures.

Women are frowned upon if they decide to take the initiative regarding sex. You shouldn’t let yourself get carried away by these myths.

To feel more pleasure and have good sex, both of you should take the initiative. If you’re a woman and you feel like having sex at some point, don’t miss your chance because you’re scared of what people might say.

Be brave and take the first step.

  1. “Alcohol is the best sexual stimulant”

The truth is that alcohol has inhibiting effects in moderate amounts. It doesn’t stimulate or increase sexual appetite, it just makes you aware of it.

However, when we drink too much alcohol, we can pass out and the consequences may be severe and can range from unwanted sex to contracting a sexually transmitted disease to pregnancy.

If you’re going to drink, do so in moderation.

  1. “Oral sex is safer than vaginal sex”

    woman sucking on heart-shaped lollipop

Just because there’s no penetration doesn’t mean there’s no risk of getting an infection or even a sexually transmitted disease. It’s important to always practice safe sex, no matter what kind.

Although there’s no risk of pregnancy, you should always practice oral sex a sexual partner that makes you feel safe.

If there are cuts or wounds in the oral cavity, that person is just as likely to get HPV, HIV, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, or chlamydia than a person practicing vaginal sex.

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