The 4 Fundamental Pillars of a Relationship

To keep your relationship from falling into routine monotony, it’s important to be imaginative every day. When you enhance your creativity as a couple, you strengthen your bond.

Being in a relationship is a commitment that can provide both of you with the greatest joys of your lives, as well as the greatest suffering. When you decide to share your life with another person, it means more than just being in love because there are other cornerstones for success as a couple.

Your life together will provide you with experiences that will help you become better individuals, as well as a couple. It’s important that you pay close attention to this aspect of your life because so many people take it for granted. It’s something that everyone needs to feel happiness, courage, be in good health, and live life to the fullest.

Being in love and having a healthy relationship can fill you with happiness, help you grow as a person, and add meaning to your life. Because of this, it’s worth learning about the most fundamental pillars of a couple to improve and strengthen your relationship.

In today’s article, psychologist and sexologist Leticia Garcia will share the four fundamental pillars of a relationship: communication, trust, support, and creativity.


2 communicatoin
Communication in a relationship is one of the key ways to maintain stability with your partner and avoid falling into a boring routine. You should feel comfortable and at ease talking with each other, without fear of being criticized. Voicing the things that bother you and dealing with your problems in a kind and empathetic way will help you understand each other better and improve your partnership.

Similarly, there must be space for sexual and loving communication, both of which play an important role in your relationship. Many people falsely believe that asking for something is wrong, without realizing that it could be a way to spark new passion and excitement, strengthening your relationship by getting you out of your normal routine.


3 love
Trust also plays a fundamental role in every type of relationship. This pillar strengthens both of you, and helps you feel as if you complement one another. Trust means you can be yourself, without the fear of being judged or criticized for being who you are, or liking the things that you like.

The person you put your trust in uses constructive criticism without trying to change you. This kind of trust is achieved through time and good communication, and is fundamentally based on both of you knowing how to speak and listen without the fear of being judged.


4 togetherness
The level of support that a couple has in a relationship is unlike any other bond you can establish. This is the connection that facilitates communication and sharing things you have in common. In fact, when there’s a lot of trust and love in a relationship, the couple develops their own “language” that they use to express themselves, their love, and their shared desires.

Everyday obligations and routine can cause you to lose the support that binds you. But love and desire can always help this special bond grow again, recovering details that were lost to the passage of time and renewing the strength and passion of your relationship.

And you can always be inventive with your partner, generating new details to strengthen your feelings for each other, and all those things will eventually bring you closer together again.


5 creativity
Creativity is a quality that we all possess and can cultivate in many ways. It’s the key ingredient that lets you escape your routine, and can renew a relationship and rekindle the intensity of your love when it feels like everything has changed.

It’s very important to always add new elements to your sexual relationship and the life you share, in addition to reviving those feelings that remind you how much you love your partner.

There are so many ways to enhance your creativity. Together you can choose to do something special and new to strengthen your bond and shelve the monotony that so often erodes the intensity of love.

By implementing these four pillars, your love will grow, both as you share a life together as well as in the sexual arena. It’s important that both of you participate, however, because a relationship is always made up of two people, and one person can’t grow it alone.

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