The 10 Most Important Decisions in Life

Everyone must make important decisions that'll determine the course of their lives at some point. Read on and find out what they are and what you must take into account for some of life's most common decisions.
The 10 Most Important Decisions in Life

Last update: 18 September, 2021

There always comes a time in which we have no choice but to make important decisions. Continue reading for some tips on the most common ones and how to approach them.

Indeed, most of these are common to human beings and are about relationships, education, children, and work. This is because these subjects are decisive for the rest of our lives.

Due to their transcendence, these decisions require time to carefully evaluate them and determine the best option. Of course, the process is often full of concern and anxiety.

Let’s take a look at some of life’s most common difficult decisions.

1. To study or not to study…

Most younger people aren’t clear about what they want and are full of doubts. Many just follow in their parents’ footsteps.

The decision to go to college is motivated by the belief that it opens many doors in the labor market — as indeed it often does. However, not all successful people obtained a higher education degree. Such is the case with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg.

2. What to study?

There are many, many fields of study these days and so a professional education is no longer limited to the traditional sciences or humanities. Thus, one cannot make such an important decision lightly.

In fact, you must consider possibilities beyond your immediate environment. This is because, in addition to the fact that you can move away for academic reasons, there are all kinds of programs available online.

Another factor when it comes to career choice is how long it takes to attain the degree. Not only should you consider longer studies but intermediate exits as well. Even short courses to train in one trade or another.

A working area.
Virtual education makes many more possibilities for education available.

3. Continuing to study

Will you continue to pursue postgraduate studies once you complete a bachelor’s or some other associate degree?

4. Leaving the country

Some people consider moving to another country. Studies indicate there are various reasons for doing so, such as job offers, emotional reasons, conflictive situations in the place of origin, or just as an adventure.

Not staying in the same place where you’re born or raised can have different implications. This is because it signifies a change of environment, culture, and way of life. Also, you must move away from your loved ones.

5. Moving away is one of the most important decisions

This is another important decision, although perhaps not as definitive as others. A move can be due to work, studies, separation or marriage, a desire for independence, or just a mixture of several reasons.

Changing your residence implies having new neighbors. It also means leaving a space to which you’re used to and most likely love.

6. Being single or involved with someone

Some people love solitude, especially after ending a relationship. They figure it’s better to stay that way.

However, there comes a time when they may decide to try their luck in a new love affair. This isn’t a decision to make lightly, even going on a date is something to think about.

Usually, people agree to go on a date with someone they like, especially if there’s a possibility of having a relationship with them.

7. Moving to the next level in a relationship

People will often consider moving on to the next level after a certain number of dates. Especially after maintaining emotional and/or sexual contact. It’s all about commitment.

Eventually, the idea of sharing your same space may come up even if you and your lover don’t always agree. Oftentimes one of you doesn’t want to take such an important step like living together.

There’s also the other dilemma. Will you actually get married or just move in? It’s one of the most important decisions in life, in any case.

Therefore, you must think about everything it entails, from the loss of your privacy and adapting to the ways of someone else, to the need to compromise to reach agreements.

8. Having children. (And, if so, how many?)

You can definitely make this decision on your own, as there are many single parenting options nowadays but it’s usually a subject that couples worry about.

It’s important to keep in mind the pros and cons. This is because the needs of the children will take priority over yours.

How many children will you have is another thing to consider. According to current estimates, the birth rate in the contemporary Western world is on the decline.

9. Work for someone else or being your own boss?

This dilemma often arises after working for others or you can just make the decision to be self-employed as a professional or with your own business from the very moment you must begin to make a living.

On the one hand, being an employee provides you with income stability. On the other, being self-employed means giving up “security” and taking more risks. However, you could make a lot more money.

10. To quit or to stay in a job is one of the most important decisions.

There’ll be times when you hate your job and you’ll want to quit. This is an important decision so play it safe.

A person leaving the office.
Quitting a job is an important decision. Sometimes people are just bored although it could also be a move towards a different career path.

Tips for making important decisions

You inevitably abandon something when you choose another because you can’t always keep them both. This is just something to keep in mind when making important decisions.

Some decisions are forever and you won’t have a chance to rectify and choose an alternative path. So, keep the following in mind in order to make better decisions:

  • Weigh all your options by writing down the pros and cons, assigning each one of them a value so as to make a fair judgment.
  • You have to think about what pleases you as well as what’s practical and convenient in order to make better decisions. Keep in mind that the best option isn’t always the most attractive.
  • Sometimes you’ll have to make a decision based on your available resources.
  • You must think about consequences when making important decisions. You’ll often be in the dilemma of doing something now or later. Indeed, enjoying the moment is important but life usually lasts more than a day.

More important decisions

There are many more important decisions to make, such as getting a pet or selling a car, or buying a new one.

Also, others take you by surprise and can leave you unstable. However, be clear about doing the right thing from a legal or ethical point of view and you’ll be fine.

The same is true for situations that affect your health. Is it really such a huge dilemma to quit smoking, for example? There’s none when it comes to cherishing your life and doing what’s best for you!

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