10 Commandments for a Young and Fit Brain

There might be gray hairs on your head, wrinkles around your eyes, and even a touch of arthritis in your hands by the time you reach a certain age. But in spite of these signs of aging, you can still keep a young and fit brain for your entire life.

Did you think this was impossible? Not at all. Think of your brain as a muscle that you exercise every day, giving it interesting stimuli and problems to solve that help strengthen it. In the end, it won’t matter how old you are – you’ll have a young and fit brain.

Want to know how to do this?

1. Walk for an hour every day

Young and Fit Brain

We say this over and over again in our blog: walk, walk, walk, and walk some more. Get your body moving for a while and it will help you relax, keep your heart beating strong, and give you some daily exercise at the same time.

Physical activity actually fights cognitive impairment, reduces stress, and stimulates the growth of new nerve cells in your hippocampus. It reinforces your memory and makes you feel better emotionally. What excuse do you have for not going out right now for a nice walk?

2. Have a few hobbies

Do you know how healthy having a hobby can be? Just spending a few hours a day doing something you truly love is like adding “fuel” to the brain. It doesn’t even matter what kind of task it is – it could be collecting stamps or coins, knitting, drawing, writing, caring for your pets, or tending a garden.

One of the greatest enemies of a youthful brain is a boring routine. Doing the same things every day can seriously impair your cognitive function, so don’t delay – start doing the things you love!

3. Get proper nutrition

Two of the brain’s greatest enemies are high levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar.

You might be surprised to find out, for example, that doctors sometimes refer to dementia as “Type III diabetes because this neurodegenerative disease is caused by hardening of the arteries in the brain…which is caused in part by inadequate nutrition.

So always try to keep a diverse, balanced, and low-fat diet!

4. Get plenty of fresh air

Plenty of studies have warned of something surprising: the air you breathe in large cities can cause more than just respiratory problems. It can raise levels of anxiety and even trigger a stroke.

Try to escape crowded urban environments whenever possible, and remember to breathe in the clean, fresh, and healthy air.

5. Get between six to eight hours of sleep a day

Young and Fit Brain
Chronic insomnia is one of the brain’s “mortal enemies.” It can cause you to lose mental agility, to suffer from memory lapses, and trigger bouts of stress and anxiety. Insomnia is a serious problem that must be dealt with because as important as staying both physically and mentally active are, letting your brain rest for at least six hours is equally important.

6. Do you smoke?

We don’t need to tell you that smoking is bad for you. Smoking not only claims millions of lives per year, but also leaves many families without their loved ones. If this is you, or if someone you love is still a smoker, get started today to stop this dangerous habit.

7. The importance of relationships

Young and Fit Brain
Having a stable circle of true friends can bring you great benefits for the mind and the brain. Your loved ones listen to you when you have a problem, encourage you when you need it, help you get out of a rut… having a good group of friends is essential to keeping your brain young and healthy.

8. Try learning something new every day!

Be more curious about life, seek new knowledge, and learn new things every day. Why not start your own online blog to talk about your daily experiences. Or share some of your favorite recipes with friends to try new ones? Life is full of ways to enhance the mind and enrich your experiences, and we assure you that this will definitely help you maintain a youthful brain.

9. Stay optimistic

Young and Fit BrainHaving a positive outlook is like taking a daily multivitamin. It’s the best medicine to keep you motivated and help you deal with the complexity of life. Sure, on plenty of occasions you’ve had negative emotions that have made you want to run away, to escape from feeling discouraged or lost in a dark tunnel.

But it’s not worth it. Learn how to wake up with a smile on your face and create a healthy and simple outlook that’s filled with optimism.

10. Love, and enjoy life

If you’ve suffered an emotional setback, don’t close your heart to the world forever. Love is an adventure that is always worth the risk. But don’t become obsessed with finding a partner: the most important thing is to never lose the ability to love yourself and your family.

If you have children, enjoy them. Spend time with your pets, your family, your friends around you, and always wish the best for them. Above all, never forget to love yourself for who you are. Having positive self-esteem is essential to keeping your brain healthy and young.

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