Take a Look at the Six Benefits of Walking Every Day

Walking every day improves your health and prevents mental and physiological diseases. Get to know the benefits of walking every day.
Take a Look at the Six Benefits of Walking Every Day

Last update: 23 February, 2019

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, walking every day can reduce the risk of premature death in many people. Also, it has other health benefits for your daily life.

Below are some benefits to motivate you to go on a daily walk.

1. Walking every day helps with dementia

Low-level aerobic exercises in people who suffer from disorders can decrease the symptoms of dementia

Therefore, walking every day along with an exercise routine for at least three times a week can improve your overall mental process.

2. Walking helps your heart

Walking every day

Your heart benefits the most when you have the habit of going out for a daily walk.

Walking helps the heart pump blood effortlessly, and thus benefits the entire cardiovascular system. This, in turn, reduces the risk of mortality caused by heart problems.

3. It can reduce your risk of cancer

According to a 2018 (1) study, walking can be an important aid in cancer therapy because it could help reduce the fatigue caused by the treatments.

In this study, it was determined that both women suffering from breast cancer and people who had intestinal cancer, walking 180 minutes per week can help prevent and fight these types of cancer.

Therefore, there are good reasons to walk for at least 25 minutes a day.

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4. Walking improves your mood

According to some experiments performed in people who have the habit of walking and exercising on a daily basis, walking every day can improve your mood.

Therefore, during a situation of emotional stress, mental exhaustion or depression, it’s advisable to go out for a walk in the park or hike up a mountain, either alone or with someone.

5. Walking increases your body’s levels of vitamin D

Vitamin D allows the bones to absorb phosphorus and calcium, which in turn strengthens the skeletal system. It has been demonstrated that taking long walks increases the amount of vitamin D in your body when walking in the sun.

When skin is exposed to sunlight, the body begins to produce vitamin D, which is necessary for bones to function normally. Going out for a walk while using sunblock is a good way to stay healthy because there are very few foods that contain vitamin D.

That is why it’s generally recommended for senior citizens to go out for a walk on a daily basis because it helps them strengthen their bones.

6. It helps with erectile dysfunction

Walking every day helps men with erectile dysfunction

Men who choose to go out for daily walks can benefit greatly in their sex life. Some studies show that walking as a physical activity routine decreases erectile dysfunction in men.

This is also effective in many women because it allows them to have a fully active sex life with a greater level of satisfaction in intimacy.

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Experience the Benefits of Walking Every Day

Walking doesn’t only invigorate your legs, but it helps the entire body, including your mind. This activity has the ability to relax you, eliminate stress, fight depression and fill you up with energy.

Also, it prevents obesity and allows you to maintain an ideal body weight and be able to regularize your metabolism. All of this translates into a greater life expectancy.

Anyway, keep in mind that your walking pace is also important. You should have a good walking pace that requires some effort (and this doesn’t include going shopping)!

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