Tips for a Successful Marriage

There are many circumstances that can put out the flames of love and passion. That’s why today we’d like to show you a few tips to build and maintain a successful marriage. Regardless of how much you you love someone,…

5 Things that Cause a Relationship to Deteriorate

There are many things that can cause a relationship to deteriorate and can end it. However, being aware of them will help you to resolve the situation intelligently and prevent things from going further and harming you as a couple.…

Red Makes You More Attractive

What would you say if we told you the color red made you more attractive? It would seem a bit hard to believe, right? However, many studies have shown that the color red awakens a visual interest in the people around…

7 Tips for Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant, having a baby, and motherhood are momentous moments in life for many women, although it’s not always easy. It’s important to remember that fertility relates to both parties, and that planning to get pregnant affects both people equally.

5 Fun Places You Should Have Sex

Regardless of how often or the number of times you’ve done it, there is always an insatiable desire to keep having sex…and to do so in some new, fun locations.

5 Tips for a Better Sex Life

Sex. It’s hard to talk about it sometimes. Plus, sometimes there are more myths than truths are floating around about the subject, fed by shame and embarrassment. What happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom, out of respect…

Pornography: Is My Partner Not Attracted to Me Anymore?

Watching pornography is something that many people have done. However, all pornographic material only seems to be directed for single people. So what happens if we’re in a relationship? In romantic relationships, if only one member watches pornography, a red flag rises:…

6 Pieces of Advice for Having Water Sex

There are few who are bold enough to experiment with sex.This could be because they’re afraid, because of prejudices, or simply because they don’t know about the subject. Can you have sex in the water? Without a doubt, this is…

What Is Erotic Spanking? All You Need to Know About it

When we think about sex, it tends to unleash our creativity. Erotic spanking is just one of the many sexual practices people have developed over time to make sex more interesting. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been controversial and caused a…

The 5 Sexiest Positions for Her

During sex it’s always worth improvising. However, if what you want is give your partner a fun, enjoyable, and unforgettable evening, it’s good to first know the things you can do to improve the quality of your sex. In the…

Does Anal Sex Always Hurt? Ways To Prevent It

Limiting sexual intercourse to just the genitals prevents you from experiencing and enjoying a whole other facet of sexuality. However, what we’re most worried about when it comes to anal sex are the risks.

How to Stimulate a Woman’s Nipples the Right Way

The breasts and specifically a woman’s nipples are one of the main erogenous zones of her body. Although for many years they weren’t considered important in sex, it’s now common knowledge that stimulating them can lead to a uniquely pleasureful…

7 Interesting Facts About the Vagina

The vagina is the key female sexual organ. However, in addition to its sexual function, it also plays an essential role in your body’s reproductive and hormonal systems. It has a mucus-like tissue that is responsible for maintaining lubrication and…

5 Natural Lubricants for Your Intimate Zone

Even though natural lubricants can help you with vaginal dryness, you should also consult a gynecologist. As such, you can find out whether the lack of lubrication is related to a hygiene issue. Discover five natural lubricants you can make…

6 Habits that Will Improve Your Sex Life

Having an active sex life can strongly influence your mood, emotional health, and physical well-being. Therefore, it’s important to improve your sex life if you’re not completely satisfied with the way it is now. Although sexual relationships are typically associated…