psychological abuse

7 Invisible Effects of Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse is undoubtedly one of the most cruel. This type of violence causes the victim to doubt whether or not she is really being mistreated. The worst thing is that, unless there is also physical aggression, one is not…

6 Signs of Verbal Abuse: Are You a Victim?

Verbal abuse is a sub-product of conflict, and women are its main victims. The goal of verbal abuse is to cause psychological harm, instead of physical harm. Once these words get into your thoughts and beliefs, it’s very difficult to tell that…

5 Possible Signs that a Woman is Being Abused

Abused women react a certain way to stimuli in everyday life. In this article, discover possible ways to identify when a person is being mistreated when they, for unknown reasons, feel unable to ask for help or realize what’s happening to them.