How to Improve Your 40’s

Upon arriving at your 40’s, you may begin to reconsider many aspects of your life in order to improve your 40’s. Perhaps you started to make decisions that at other times seemed unthinkable.

A Guide to Seducing Your Partner

Seducing your partner is a human skill that normally takes place in the initial stages of a relationship. In the beginning, both partners are more vulnerable to fall into romantic spells and to being captivated by the other.

Your Partner is Your Mirror

There are many people in whom we can see a reflection of ourselves, such as family or friends. However, the most significant relationship is with your partner, because they’re your mirror. Despite not being very aware of the implications, the…

How To Deal With Liars

Dealing with somebody who tends to lie is never easy. It’s impossible to know when we should believe what they’re saying, and when we should dismiss it. Likewise, it’s impossible to trust them with any of our secrets, whether big or…